CPI(ML)-ND Homage to Com. Rama Krishna

Member of the Central Committee of CPI (Maoist) Com. A. Hargopal alias Rama Krishna (RK) has died in Chhattisgarh forests. He was ailing for some time and said to have died of Kidney failure.

Com. RK moved steadfastly on the path chosen by him for the liberation of Indian people. He sacrificed much for the cause of exploited and oppressed masses of the country. He lived a life of hardships, sacrifice and endurance for the cause of the people. He pursued his path with full commitment and indomitable spirit.

CPI (ML)-ND offers condolences on his death and pays homage to him. Telengana PC of CPI(ML)-ND has also paid homage to him.

CC, CPI(ML)-New Democracy

October 17, 2021