Delhi : Convention Against US Attack

The Communist Party of India (Marxist-Leninist)-New Democracy and its like minded organizations, the All India People’s Resistance Forum and the Revolutionary Unity Centre, Punjab, held an impressive protest-demonstration at Jalandhar on 30th January 2003 against US war-threats and aggression on Iraq. Before the commencement of protest demonstration, a mass meeting was held in Desh Bhagat Yadgar Hall Complex where speakers made seething attacks on US by saying that being the sole superpower in the world, US imperialism wishes to get license for forcing governments of its liking throughout the world by use of military might.

Calling upon the people to come forward against the war-designs and plots of US, the speakers asserted that aggression against Iraq will be naked violations of human rights, international law and the principles of UN itself. They stated that there is no danger of war against USA and no threat to world peace from Iraq. Rather US war-designs are clearly threatening world peace today.

Com. Ajmer Singh, a senior provincial leader of CPI(ML)-New Democracy, said US imperialism, in the name of “war against terrorism”, is playing the game of making weak countries submit before it. Com. Ajmer Singh alleged that Mr. Bush wishes to be a candidate for presidency next time by getting applause through such actions. Keeping this aim in mind, Bush Govt. has made huge increase in its defence budgets. Com. Singh explained that when ex-Attorney General of USA Mr. Ramsey Clarke, ex-CIA Director General Terant have refuted the charges on Iraq of making weapons of mass destruction, then there remains no ‘basis’ for any attack on Iraq.

Speaking on this occasion, Com. Tarsem Peter, Com. Santokh Singh Tagger, Com. Balwinder Singh Bhullar, Com. Balwinder Singh Bajwa, Com. Gurdev Singh and Com. Mohinder Singh Josh said that opposition to danger of US aggression in increasing and even anti-war voices are being raised in USA itself. The speakers also appealed to the UN to play an effective role against war preparations by America.

These leaders also demanded that Indian Govt. should oppose strongly the war preparations by US. They also called upon the revolutionary, democratic, patriotic and peace loving forces to raise their voices unitedly against the dangers of aggression on Iraq.