IFTU demonstration in Nawanshahr Punjab

Protests are beginning in different parts of the countries on the issues of the people. Since the clamping of lockdown, inter-state migrant workers have been out- on the streets and off them trying to flee hunger and privation; terror from invisible Corona and visible Police. Now the people other than migrant workers are breaking the Cordon prohibitaire imposed by the Govt. These prohibitions are being rigorously enforced even while other restrictions are being relaxed, all to stop movements of workers, peasants and other sections. There is an urgent need to violate these prohibitions while adopting measures meant to safeguard people like using masks and maintaining physical distance. Care from Corona should not be allowed to trample under feet interests of the people by the attacks from the Govt. that does not care.

On May 12 in Nawanshahr in Punjab, five hundred workers demonstrated under the banner of Indian Federation of Trade Unions (IFTU). Workers defied the lockdown and held the demonstration. Demonstrators condemned suspension of labour laws by the Govt. Demonstrators demanded arranging of rations for the workers, arranging to send back those who want to go back to their homes in other states and an end to police repression.

Demonstrators were addressed by IFTU Punjab state president Kulwinder Singh Waraich, press secretary Jasbeer Deep, Pravin Kumar Nirala, Hare Ram, Hare Lal, Ram Bichh Azad. Police tried to stop the demonstrators but workers held the demonstration defying the police.

On May 11, Progressive Organization of Women (POW) and MNSS held protest demonstrations at five city junctions in Vishakhapatnam and a dharna at MRO office demanding arrest of the promoters and permanent closure of LG polymers. Protests are being held for the closure of the plant. Hundreds of local residents entered the plant and demonstrated to demand its closure.