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Immediately Release IFTU Leader Com. Sujan Chakravorty

Mamata Banerjee Govt. has intensified attacks against communist revolutionaries and people’s struggles. In one such case it has arrested IFTU National Committee Secretary and a well known leader of revolutionary trade union movement of Srirampur Industrial Belt in Hoogly district in West Bengal on totally baseless and fabricated charges of murder and conspiracy. Com. Sujan Chakravorty was arrested from his residence on 20th April night at 9.30 pm by policemen and has since then been kept in Hoogly jail.

The fabricated charge against Com. Sujan pertains to a case of December 2015. All this while Com. Sujan Chakravorty’s name never figured in the case. No warrant was issued against him nor police all this while even questioned him. However, in the charge sheet deposited by the Uttarpara police in the case before the court naming Com Sujan has been as the 17th  accused and got arrest warrant against him on April 7, 2017.

The arrest of Com Sujan is part of the crackdown of the Mamata Govt. on democratic movements; revolutionary movement in particular. Com. Sujan is a well known revolutionary trade union leader active in the Hoogly industrial belt. Few days earlier he had led a demonstration against a real estate magnate known to be close to the local Trinamool MP. Com. Sujan had earlier been one of the office bearers of the People’s Committee in the Singur movement and had played an important role in the people’s fightback.

On the 24th of April, the IFTU activists in Uttarpara took a mass delegation of over 150 activists and leaders led by National Committee Vice-President, Com. Vyas Tiwari, to the local police thana in Uttarpara. On the same day IFTU leaders in Delhi led by NC Treasurer, Com Animesh Das, handed a memorandum to the Resident Commissioner of W. Bengal in Delhi. IFTU demands immediate release of Com. Sujan and withdrawal of the trumped up charges against him.

Pradeep (Gen Sec)                                                     Aparna (President)

April 25, 2017