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PDSU Condemns ABVP Hooliganism in JNU – Press Release on February 10, 2016

PDSU strongly condemns the behavior of ABVP hooligans in JNU last night, when a group if students were peacefully observing the death anniversary of the hanging of Afzal Guru. They sought permission of VC. They were first granted the permission and then withdrew it under the pressure of ABVP citing that it may disrupt peace in the campus. When there rally consisting of more than 400 students reached end point at Sabarmati dhaba, the activists of ABVP aided by security guards attacked them and opposed the protest.

It is disturbing to note that now ABVP would decide which programmes can be held and which cannot be. And they have full support of administrative machinery. First VC denied permission fearing disturbance. Who other than ABVP would have disturbed? That means if something does not suit ABVP, that cannot be done. Instead of taking action against ABVP for disturbing and trampling right to express, it becomes reason for not allowing others. And when others decides to go ahead with their right to express, university machinery helps them like guard in this case and police in the case of demonstration at RSS HQ.

This is also worth mentioning that hanging order of Afzal Guru was protested even at that time as it was not correct even as per the law of the land. Many organizations have held such programmes since then. Supreme Court while delivering their judgement noted that despite not enough evidence, to satisfy “collective consciousness of Nation” Guru musty be hanged. This is obviously against principles of law and human rights. But just to appease the union government, ABVP cannot be given liberty to decide what programmes can be held, who can speak and which issues can be taken up.

PDSU once again strongly condemns ABVP as well as the Vice Chancellor of JNU and demand apology from VC and action against the goons.