Statement on Paris Attacks

On the night of 13th November 2015, in six attacks in Paris, more than 150 people have been killed and over 200 have been injured. These coordinated attacks have shaken France. A concert hall was the main scene of these killings. The attackers are said to be holding French bombing of Syria as the reason for their attack.

While targeting of innocent civilians deserves to be condemned, the attack has however thrown up a large number of questions. Killing of innocents whether it is by spraying bullets or throwing/planting bombs is as dastardly and heinous a crime as killing of innocents by raining bombs from the sky or carpet bombing of the whole regions which is so routinely done by imperialist countries including France in the countries of Asia and Africa. Targeting of civilians everywhere is condemnable. While in case of imperialists it represents their arrogance and could not care less attitude towards the lives of people of backward countries, also their relative strength; in case of those resorting to such attacks in urban centres it represents asymmetrical war, in fact their relative weakness rather than their strength. In recent years France has increased its participation in bombing campaigns in Africa and Middle-East under ‘socialist’ president Hollande.

France remains one of the countries to which people have migrated from different countries, particularly of Africa. However, despite a democratic culture conditions of immigrants remain quite bad. They face discrimination, marginalization and even racial attacks. This situation has been further aggravated in recent years with dilution of Govt. efforts to take care of their marginalized population on the one hand and rise of xenophobic organizations on the other.

People of France as well as those of other European countries should also reckon that the large influx of refugees is due to wars imposed by and plunder done by their Govts. of the countries from where bulk of these refugees are coming.

We condemn killing of civilians in Paris as well as everywhere else. We extending sympathies to the near and dear ones of those killed in these attacks. We also hope that people of France will build pressure on their Govt. to not bomb people of other countries and not send its troops to dominate other countries. People of France should also develop movement against discrimination, marginalization, abuse and attacks against people from different cultural and social background who are their own citizens. Such a movement would be the proper response to these killings of innocent civilians.

CPI(ML)-New Democracy

November 14, 2015