Swami Agnivesh is No More 

Death of Swami Agnivesh is a loss to the people’s movements which are facing increasing assaults from fascist RSS-BJP ruling group. Swami Agnivesh has been a known opponent of the fascist ruling group. Two years back, in July 2018, RSS goons had physically assaulted him in Jharkhand. Swami Agnivesh was 81 years old when he breathed his last on September 11 due to liver failure.

An Arya Samaj preacher, Swami Agnivesh was a minister in Janata Party govt. in Haryana after the Emergency. He became well known for his efforts at freeing bonded labour. He supported  people’s causes and was a strong supporter of people’s movements and democratic rights.

His absence will be missed as the people fight against RSS-BJP’s fascist rule.

Indian Federation of Trade Unions (IFTU)

September 12, 2020