AIKMS-NBS Team on Sonbhadra Massacre of Tribals

Ubbha, Ghorawal Land Genocide

Land Transfers during Yogi rule

A 5 member team of AIKMS and Naujawan Bharat Sabha, NBS, Allahabad visited Ubbha village of Murtiya Nyay Panchayat and neighbouring areas. The team consisted of Vinod Nishad and Shivdhari Singh of AIKMS and Bheel Lal, Sanjay and Radhey Shyam Bind of NBS.

The team questioned people about the incident of 17th July and talk to relatives of those killed and some of the injured. They also spoke to Kotwal Ghorawal Sri Arvind Kumar Mishra and telephonically to the village lekhpal Sri Lallan Prasad Sharma. It reached the following conclusion.

1. Local administration of fully responsible for the incident of firing on 17th July 2019.

2. This land was registered with Adarsh Cooperative Society and and 2017 it was transferred to village Pradhan Yagyadatt Bhurtiya and his 11 relatives.

3. Against this transfer local adivasis registered their objection and at several levels cases are going on. Still the Ghorawal SDM and Tahsildar Sri Suresh Chandra entered the names of Yagyadatt Bhurtiya and his 11 relatives against the land on 27th Feb 2019.

4. After these names were entered the adivasis again registered an objection with District Magistrate Sonbhadra but he dismissed these objections and the land continued to illegally be under ownership of the Gram Pradhan.

5. All these act have taken place under the BJP govt. led by Yogi Adityanath.

6. The accused in this massacre fired indiscriminately at the villagers and several of the injured are still in the village without receiving treatment.

7. The investigation team saw that the local police is putting barricades on the road to prevent outsiders from entering the village.

The team has demanded the following –

1. In this incident DM Sonbhadra and lower officials are fully responsible for the Pradhan and his relatives illegally holding the title of the land. DM Sonbhadra and other officials should be booked for this illegal act and including the DM all officials should be suspended.

2. All the adivasis and other landless of the village should be given pattas of 10-10 bighas.

3. All the relatives of those killed should be given Rs. 20 lakh compensation.

4. All the injured should be given Rs. 5 lacs compensation.

5. The team has severely condemned the police from stopping outsiders from entering the village and has said that it is doing so to hide its misdeeds. It should be stopped.