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Expose, Oppose and Resist Fascist Designs of RSS-BJP behind January 22

RSS-BJP are orchestrating opening of Ram Janmbhoomi Temple at Ayodhya on January 22, 2024 in a Govt. sponsored ceremony to further their fascist agenda. This is being celebrated by them as part of fulfillment of their agenda of making India into a Hindu Rashtra. Their Hindu Rashtra means reducing minorities to the status of second class citizens and keeping Dalits, other oppressed castes, tribals and women at a lower status in society. Hindutva’s two facets are that this country belongs to only Hindus and therefore minorities have no rights in it, and Hindus are to follow the prescriptions of Manusmriti degrading the status of labouring castes and women. Questioning these precepts is termed anti-national if not de jure at least de facto.

The whole Govt. machinery is pressed into service to make this an unprecedented event. Offices are closed, govt. hospitals are shut down fully or partially, whole country is supposed to come to a halt. RSS-BJP obviously plan to unleash hysteria for coming Parliamentary elections to return to power. For this as some claim they had no time to wait even for completion of the construction of the temple.

Most of the parliamentary opposition parties have refused to attend the ceremony smelling RSS-BJP’s political motive in it. Many of the Govts. of opposition ruling class parties in North India on the other hand are holding events on their own on this occasion. The issue is much larger.

Ram Mandir is coming where once stood Babri Masjid demolished by fascist hordes on December 6, 1992. Since the night of December 22, 1949 when idol was placed in Babri Masjid and its doors closed to Muslims for offering of Namaz, this issue has followed the trajectory of the strengthening of majority communalism in India. This trajectory is marked by hypocrisy, cynicism and downright chicanery by the political representatives of the ruling classes. On November 9, 2019 Supreme Court put seal of judicial approval over demolition of Babri Masjid in an order based on faith and not law of the land. Apex Court while standing for some individual cases involving personal liberty, has not stood against majoritarianism’s attacks. However, the issue remains a test case for secularism in the country which is not and cannot be just a question of judicial interpretation.

Now the issue is being used by RSS-BJP in its drive to impose fascism in the country. People face the challenge of fascism based on majoritarianism. It is definitely a blow against secularism but the import of this attack is much wider. It seeks to undermine whatever people’s rights are enshrined in the Constitution including rights of the states and oppressed social groups. Till now minorities especially Muslims have been at the receiving end, but the fascist rulers have designs to undermine rights of all toilers and trample over vast masses of the people.

People of the country must comprehend that this march towards fascist dictatorship is taking place to serve the interests of the foreign and domestic corporate and other domestic reactionaries. It is with this support of the large sections of big capitalists and big landlords that RSS-BJP are able to realize their dream project of Hindu Rashtra. The mainstream media especially the electronic media have mostly become ‘Astha’ channels. It must be noted that while fascists rely on presenting myths as facts and mythology as history, their real strength lies in the support of the large section of ruling classes in present. It is the battle that is being fought in the present with past as a backdrop.

RSS-BJP march towards fascism must be and will be resisted by all progressive and democratic forces and even a section of ruling classes being attacked by the ruling fascist forces. While defeating RSS-BJP electorally is necessary it is not enough. The challenge posed by these forces calls for building of anti-fascist people’s resistance from below i.e., in cities, towns and vast rural areas. Furthermore, ruling classes are taking this fascist turn for intensifying exploitation and oppression of labouring masses. Revolutionary forces must try utmost to play a leading role in uniting broad sections of the toiling masses to resist these attacks and realize their class/sectional demands. These struggles will play an important role in creating blocks in the road to fascism and build up forces for resistance. All varieties of sectarianism and tailism must be combated to unleash broad and united struggles of the toiling people. This broad people’s unity against attacks by the ruling classes and against communal fascist rulers will be the fort against advent of and struggle against fascism. Hindutva must be countered by genuine secularism, a secularism based on the unity of the people based on common interests and common aspirations of people.

On this January 22 when ruling RSS-BJP are celebrating their triumph let struggling people’s forces vow to counter their march by mobilizing the people against their designs against the people, people’s rights and constitutional rights and genuine secularism.

CPI(ML)-New Democracy

January 21, 2024