Press Release

CPI (M-L) CPI-ML New Democracy Press Release

Press Statemen On Successful Conclusion of All India Party Congress of CPI (ML)-New Democracy.

CPI (ML)-New Democracy announces successful conclusion of its All India Party Congress (2024) held at Com. Chandra Pulla Reddy Nagar. Proceedings of the Congress were conducted in Com. Rayala Subhash Chandra Bose (Ravanna) Hall. Delegates elected at the State Conferences participated in the Congress. Congress proceedings were marked by informed […]

Elections Press Release

CPI(ML)- New Democracy Call on 2019 Lok Sabha Elections

Rally Against Hindutva Fascist Offensive of RSS-BJP Struggle against Agrarian Distress and Industrial Stagnation, Unemployment and Privatization of Health & Education Rise in struggle against attacks on Workers, Peasants, Tribals, Dalits, Muslims and Women Oppose attacks on Communist Revolutionaries and Struggling Forces; Fight for Democratic Rights of the People Vote […]

PMS POW Press Release

The current ‘me too’ in India- Solidarity Statement

Fight to Demolish Feudal Patriarchal culture at workplaces and for Democratic Culture. In India, the “Me Too’ movement exposes that forcing law enactments are not enough-Movements alone can ensure implementation. Brave, angry outpourings from women journalists and women in the entertainment industry in Mumbai are reigning over headlines in India.  […]