CPI-ML New Democracy, Press Release

People’s Uprising in Srilanka

July 9: It was expected to be a large protest gathering. The call had rung through nook and corner of the island country. it turned out to be uprising of the people sweeping away the powers of the past. Powerful pillars of the Govt. fell like straw. President fled from official residence which has been taken over by the protesters. Prime Minister residence at Temple Trees too has been taken over by the protesters. Parliament building has been stormed. People’s anger has boiled over. While President and Prime Minister were dithering to quit, people have helped them out of the office, probably out of the country.

Protest is continuing. Neoliberal economic order of which Srilanka has been a pioneer in the subcontinent lies in shambles. The system is at a standstill but the people are moving. People’s conditions are dire but the shining aspect is they are willing to move. What began as an economic crisis has already turned into full blown political crisis – a crisis of the very rule of the ruling classes. Mere replacement of tweedledum with tweedledee is no longer acceptable to the people.

Whether this people’s uprising leads to any meaningful change, leave alone any basic change, would depend on the initiative of the revolutionary and progressive forces. Such is the time when strength can increase geometrically. Dare they advance to seize the opportunity! Whether this anger of the people can be channelized into sweeping away the demons, the ruling classes, their imperialist mentors and their reactionary hangerson. Real issue is to focus this anger against the reactionary classes and convert this crisis into a forward march of the people’s forces; a real advance of the revolutionary classes. Such an advance may go through a tortuous course but is pregnant with the possibility of victory of progressive democratic forces.

We salute the people of Srilanka on their valiant uprising. We wish and hope that revolutionary and democratic forces play a decisive role in shaping the future of our neighbour- Srilanka. Revolutionary forces of India earnestly look forward to the success of the revolutionary forces in Srilanka with whom we have shared a lot common in our history.

CPI(ML)-New Democracy