Press Release

CPI(ML) New Democracy Statement On Results of Assembly Elections In Five States

Results of the five state elections have dealt a setback to the rule of fascist RSS-BJP, with resounding electoral defeats of the fascist forces and their allies in the larger states of West Bengal and Tamil Nadu. PM Modi and Home Minister Amit Shah had gone all the way to secure victory in these elections and justify their attacks on the people; their offensive against farmers and workers, their deliberate gross mishandling of the Corona pandemic amounting to genocide of Indian people. People have given a blow to their designs and deserve to be thanked for their wise decision.

A determined and broad based struggle of peasant masses with its epicenter in North India has had its impact on the outcome of these elections. Leaders of Farmers’ struggle had actively campaigned especially in West Bengal for punishing the BJP. Indeed growing anger of the people played a dominant role in these elections. 

CPI(ML)New Democracy had called for defeat of fascist RSS-BJP and their allies in these elections and had worked to that end.

In West Bengal, RSS-BJP, Prime Minister Modi, Home Minister Amit Shah and the whole state machinery controlled by them went whole hog to capture power in that state. But they performed substantially worse than in last parliamentary elections both in terms of votes and seats they had then led on. They rode into West Bengal like on their ‘victory’ chariot, but neither their hundreds of thousands of musclemen nor coporate money or media could fool or cajole the people of West Bengal into submission. RSS BJP had their eye mainly on West Bengal while enacting CAA and undertaking all India NRC-NPR but they did not quite succeed in their communal design. People voted for the force which they considered to be in best position to defeat RSS BJP.  

Defeat of ADMK-BJP alliance shows continued rejection of Hindutva by people of Tamilnadu. BJP was reduced to only three seats. 

BJP lost even the lone seat it had in the outgoing assembly in Kerala. It showed sharp rejection of their communal politics by people of Kerala. 

In Assam, BJP was to an extent able to drown anti-CAA anger into their communal din of AIUDF being part of Congress led grand alliance. This also demonstrated shallowness of anger of chauvinist sections against RSS BJP. BJP led NDA suffered loss of seats though retained vote share as it could win back anti-CAA votes of Assamese. 

In Puducherry, AINRC led front of which BJP is part, has scraped a majority, though slow rate of counting despite small constituencies has created doubts. 

These elections showed total subservience of Election Commissioners to ruling RSS BJP. This manifested in allocation of phases, partiality in enforcing model code of conduct and total and criminal  dereliction of duty in enforcing covid rules despite rising infections. 

CPI(ML) New Democracy welcomes defeat of RSS BJP in West Bengal and defeat of RSS BJP ADMK alliance in Tamilnadu. This will act as a moral booster to ongoing farmers’ movement and spur other sections including working class into intensifying their struggles. 

These results have given a set back to fascist drive of RSS but their defeat can only be ensured by people’s struggles. 

We call upon all the revolutionary and struggling forces to jointly develop people’s struggles, and specially build Delhi border type continuous sit-ins in different states/regions.


Central Commiittee

CPI(ML) New Democracy

May 2, 2021