BOC workers stage big demonstration in Adoni (AP)

BOC workers staged a powerful protest on October 14, 2020 at Adoni (Kurnool district, AP). A huge demonstration of BOC workers took place in Adoni town with participation of above 3000 workers, under the banner of IFTU. The demonstration was organized on issue of shortage of sand. The sand Mafia with collusion of govt. machinery consciously created artificial shortage of sand. Resultantly, all construction works stopped. It has rendered BOC workers unemployed. IFTU leadership initiated this protest.

The demonstrators marched to RDO office on October 14. RDO came out from his office and assured in front of woerking masses to bring this problem to District Collector’s notice immediately and to settle it in favourable manner.

The lot of ground work was done prior to yesterday’s huge rally and dharna. Prior to it, three days’ protest programme also was taken up. Teams were allotted to propagate to make it success. Nearly one week publicity was done. Nearly half of these workers attended from ADONI town. Remaining half of workers came from villages. As of now, according to report, BOC workers came from 35 villages from 4 Mandals.

This ADONI town is near to AP border with Karnataka. It was called as Andhra Bombay in old days, as textile industrial centre. It was also popularly konwn as TEXTILES TOWN. Upto 90’s, it was textiles centre, but later, textiles were ruined.