CPI (M-L), CPI-ML New Democracy, Press Release

Press Statemen On Successful Conclusion of All India Party Congress of CPI (ML)-New Democracy.

CPI (ML)-New Democracy announces successful conclusion of its All India Party Congress (2024) held at Com. Chandra Pulla Reddy Nagar. Proceedings of the Congress were conducted in Com. Rayala Subhash Chandra Bose (Ravanna) Hall.
Delegates elected at the State Conferences participated in the Congress. Congress proceedings were marked by informed and lively discussions and enlivened by comradely atmosphere and sense of urgency to play due role in developing revolutionary movement and taking Indian revolution to victory.

Congress paid homage to the leaders and cadres of the Party who had laid down their lives since the last Party Congress and those who had died since then. Party Congress paid homage to leaders of the communist revolutionary organizations who had died in this period, to leaders and cadres of communist revolutionary organizations who died at the hands of security forces in the course of revolutionary movement. Party Congress also paid homage to the leaders of revolutionary communist parties of other countries. Party Congress paid homage to 746 farmers who died during the historic protest of farmers against three Agri Acts and four farmers who were killed by ruling party’s hoodlums in Lakhimpur Kheri; and to the activists who had died in the course of people’s struggles. Party Congress paid homage to martyrs in struggle against imperialism and reactionaries, especially to Palestinians who have died in Gaza after inhuman invasion by Zionist Israeli rulers, with nearly 34000 dead.

Party Congress approved a Political Resolution “Present Situation & Our Tasks” analyzing the main trends of the international and national situation and determining the main tasks based on this analysis. According to this Resolution, the world is going through “big disorder” due to intensification of main contradictions of imperialist system in the backdrop of deepening economic crisis of imperialism, slowing down of all major economies, debt driven growth, increasing inequality with rise of wealth of corporate and deteriorating conditions of working people. War in Ukraine exemplifies intensifying inter-imperialist contradiction. Palestinians’ struggle for their national aspirations is at present at the forefront of struggle of the oppressed nations against imperialism. In western countries anti-war, anti-racist and women’s movements are growing. In oppressed countries struggle against imperialism and domestic reactionaries are continuing. Conditions are conducive for people’s movements against imperialism and domestic reactionaries.

On National Situation, the Resolution noted increasing drive of ruling RSS-BJP towards imposition of fascist dictatorship. This drive is supported by the major section of the corporate and rural elite. Ruling RSS-BJP is using black laws against the people’s struggles and is also using central agencies against opposition parties. The Resolution noted intensifying attacks of the corporate – foreign and domestic – against the labouring people, their attempts to further penetrate agriculture while extending their tentacles into all spheres of industrial and economic life of the country. RSS-BJP Govt. has launched attacks against workers in the form of 4 labour Codes. The Resolution noted increasing exploitation and oppression in rural and urban areas with rising unemployment and under-employment and noted the growing inequality in the country, with hunger, destitution, deprivation, malnutrition and eradicable diseases continuing to grow.

Political Resolution called for thorough campaign against RSS-BJP including defeating BJP in elections, to mobilize people against attacks against religious minorities, lynching and murders, attacks against their properties and places of worship and education and to build militant broad based struggles of the people on their issues of livelihood and rights. Political Resolution emphasized the importance of joining hands with other forces to build people’s movements against attacks launched by the fascist forces. Political Resolution criticized the Govts. of opposition parties for implementing the anti-people policies and suppressing the struggles of the people. Political Resolution laid emphasis on struggle against increasing attacks against tribals, dalits and women and struggle against price-rise, growing tax burden on the people and rising unemployment.

Party Congress adopted the Party Programme after lively discussion. Programme highlighted changes in and present contours of the industrial and agrarian scene based on detailed study of industry and agriculture and rural surveys carried out. Programme noted the diversity across India especially in the agrarian field and increasing contractualization of workers. India remains broadly a semi-colonial and semi-feudal country and stage of the revolution is New Democratic Revolution. Programme held that imperialism, comprador bureaucrat capitalism and semi-feudalism are the main oppressors of the people of the country and working class leader of the revolution and peasantry revolution’s main force. Programme emphasized struggles against the exploitation and oppression of oppressed castes, tribals, women and minorities.

Party Congress also adopted Path for making New Democratic Revolution. Congress rejected the parliamentary path and upheld the revolutionary path. The document held that this Path is based primarily on the experiences of revolutionary struggles of the people of India.

Party Congress delegates approved the Political Organizational Review (POR) of Party’s work since 2018. In the POR weaknesses of the Party organization and functioning were noted and proposals presented to overcome setbacks, removing weaknesses and developing Party’s initiative in unleashing people’s struggles.

Party Congress elected Central Control Commission and Central Committee. New Central Committee elected Com. Yatendra Kumar as General Secretary of the Party.

All India Party Congress concluded to the strains of Internationale amidst great enthusiasm among delegates and resolve to advance revolutionary movement.

Central Committee
CPI (ML)-New Democracy
April 27, 2024