CPI-ML New Democracy, Imperialism, Protests


President of the biggest imperialist power, USA, Barrack Obama is coming to India. USA is engaged in a number of wars in third world countries for controlling their natural resources, trade routes and establishing its military bases in all parts of world. Its hands are soiled with the blood of millions of people of oppressed countries. It is behind almost all the wars being waged around the world. It is bombing a number of countries of middle-east and Africa and also Afghanistan and Pakistan. It bullies, threatens and causes subversion in a number of countries. Though facing setbacks in its wars of aggression and economic crisis at home, imperialist America, like a leopard, cannot change its spots.
Obama is coming to India to seek greater avenues for its giant MNCs to exploit rich natural resources of the country, cheap labour power and extensive markets. It is seeking to force the Govt. of India to change its Nuclear Liability Law to sell it nuclear reactors. It is seeking to deepen strategic defence partnership with India to sell its military equipment as well as further India’s involvement in its efforts to contain rising China. It is seeking greater market access for its companies in different fields of economic life. Obama is on a mission to facilitate greater economic gains for US companies and deeper involvement of Indian rulers in its strategic ‘pivot to Asia’. Indian rulers hope to make India a ‘great power’ under the umbrella of US imperialism.
BJP Govt. led by Modi is going out of the way to align India even more closely with US imperialism and its allies like Israel. Under Modi Govt. relations with neighbouring countries have worsened while relations with US imperialism and Israel have grown. But these growing relations are not in the interest of our country and the people. Concessions to US companies would entail greater imperialist control over all sectors of Indian economy including defense production and capital generation. These concessions would further increase unemployment and price-rise. These have already sharply increased prices of essential medicines. Obama is coming not to help economic growth of India but help economic growth of America at the expense of India.
Modi led BJP and corporate supporting him are kowtowing to US imperialism to get more FDI. They are desperate to attract FDI from imperialist countries to spur growth. Modi and other leaders of the Govt. are making repeated statements that they are prepared to do everything to facilitate exploitation by imperialist companies. They have changed land acquisition law and are changing labour laws in the service of foreign companies.
Modi led BJP Govt. has made chieftain of biggest aggressor and biggest exploiter of the world, USA, the chief guest at republic day function. They have scant regard for the traditions of anti-colonial struggles of Indian people and no respect for the immense sacrifices made by Indian people in the course of struggle against colonial rule in India. RSS, the promoter of BJP, had kept itself away from the anti-colonial struggle only helping the colonial rulers in dividing the Indian people. All patriotic and democratic forces and individuals must strongly oppose this.
In protesting against Obama’s visit, we are protesting against US aggressions against different countries. In protesting against Obama’s visit we are also protesting against Indian Govt. bending on its knees before US imperialism, changing its laws and further facilitating imperialist loot and plunder of the country.
CPI(ML)- New Democracy calls upon all patriotic, democratic and peace loving forces and individuals to rise in protest against US aggressions and Indian Govt.’s subservience.
Central Committee of CPI(ML)-New Democracy shall be organizing protests against Obama visit from January 24 to January 26, 2015. We appeal to people to join these protests.

January 12, 2015 Central Committee,
CPI(ML)-New Democracy