JEE Should Not Exclude Students Without Means

Facts have proved the demand of students organizations to postpone All India Entrance examinations was correct. JEE, conducted by IITs biannually to rank engineering aspirants, was conducted in the first week of September 2020. This was the first exam after covid 19 Pandemic broke out. Nearly 26% students (it amounts to nearly 2.2 lakh) failed to appear in the exam, a much higher percentage as compared to the January Exam.

While students and parents across the country have been demanding cancellation or postponement of these examinations, the government is hell bent on conducting the same. The Supreme Court has, too, refused to listen to reason.

These moves will only help Coaching Institutes who were waiting for fresh batches and online education business for fresh batches to start in Institutions. It is worth noticing that in June itself big software corporate Google had a collaborative agreement with Reliance on online education.

PDSU condemns such kowtowing to money power against the interest of students and demands remedial measures for students not able to give examination.

If the concern is saving the year, we demand that all the students be provided with appropriate facilities to take the examination like laptops and sufficient data/bandwidth to those who have no access to these taking exams online. These should also be provided to students selected to continue their education. For students taking in centres, there should be more centres near to each town with free and safe transport facilities and centers should be sanitized, big enough to maintain proper distancing.

We call upon all the students and students organizations to come forward to build a fight for these.

Rajeeve & Jaydeep

PDSU Delhi

September 10th, 2020