SP Govt. not to let Muslims return to their homes

Mulayam Singh Yadav graced Talkatora Stadium for the Convention Against Communalism. Even though convened by parliamentary Left parties, he did not leave anybody in doubt as to who was the master of ceremonies as he rose to ask his supporters not to leave the venue after his address which was threatening to almost empty the Stadium. But more amazing was the feat of these Left parties who did not even press him for announcing the time line by which his party’s Govt. would ensure that all Muslims forced out by violence orchestrated by Sangh Parivar and assisted by SP led Govt. would be able to go back to their homes.  But Mulayam Singh does not want to send them back to their villages at all.  It is time that parties are judged by their deeds. This certification office of secular parties which is but a euphemism for doles of seats by the powerful regional satraps, should be closed. What justification could there be for the presence of AIADMK which did not and does not mince words as to where their sympathies lay in the political spectrum of the country.

But let us stay with Samajwadi Party of Mulayam Singh. Its UP Govt. announced a compensation of Rs. 5 lakh for those who suffered damage and were displaced due to this violence. Every applicant has to give an affidavit to receive the compensation amount. The terms of this affidavit are quite eye opening. Let us see a few:

5. That myself and members of my family have come leaving our village and home being terrorized due to violent incidents in Kutba village and we will not now return to our original village and home under any circumstances.

7. That the lumpsum financial help being given for my family by the Govt. will only be used by me to rehabilitate my family . By this money I will live with my family voluntarily arranging for residence at appropriate place elsewhere.

8. That in the condition of receiving lumpsum financial help amount, myself or members of my family will not demand compensation relating to any damage to any immovable property in my village or elsewhere.

(These are conditions in the affidavit to be submitted for receiving the aforesaid compensation, italics have been added.)

Do these conditions not make clear what SP Govt. is trying to do? It wants to rob Muslims of their property in lieu of the compensation amount. All justice loving secular people want to see the displaced Muslims return to their villages and expect the Govt. to create conditions for their safe return and safety of life and property for minority community. But SP Govt. has other designs. They want that these Muslims should never go back to their villages and homes, should arrange for their residence elsewhere and not even demand any compensation or proprietorship in case their immovable properties, lands and houses are occupied by others. Is it not clear that what SP Govt. is doing is to change the demography of these villages and rob Muslims of their property taking advantage of the dire straits in which they have been thrown by violence unleashed against them. In the process more Muslim ghettos will be created but their votes will remain, their only use for SP like parties.

For how long will these communal conspiracies be tolerated in the name of secularism? Who will forget Congress contending with BJP in fomenting Hindu communalism which culminated in the destruction of Babri Masjid? Will no lessons be learnt from history or people will be forced to live it repeatedly. In fact no ruling class party is truly secular. They are only divided among themselves whether they need Muslim votes for their games or not? It is time that those who claim to be secular give up lure of petty parliamentary gains and stand up to the machinations of the ruling classes who are bent on foisting on this country unabashed service to corporate interests. For this they push Hindu communal agenda, their Gujarat model of development pushing the poor to the margins and minorities out of the picture.

Build a powerful movement against communal frenzy being let loose. Let the perpetual search of lesser attacker not condition this agenda. Let those who genuinely stand for composite culture and shared aspirations stand up and be counted.

November 8, 2013