CPI-ML New Democracy, Democratic Rights

Condemn the Plan to Change Demography of J&K

When the attention of the whole country is focused on preventing the spread of Coronavirus, when a large section of the people of the country are fighting the serious threat to their existence due to hunger, when the poor and destitute are walking hundreds of miles to reach their rural homes suffering starvation and braving police batons, RSS rulers have chosen this very time to launch further attacks on the people of J&K. Little are they bothered about the seriousness of the situation facing the people, little are they concerned about the challenges faced by the health personnel who are facing shortage of equipment, testing kits and moreover the lack of political will of the rulers to fight the outbreak. At such a time RSS rulers have brought changes in the law governing the status of permanent residents of the region. While the country is undergoing 21-day lock down, there is no lockdown on the conspiracies of the rulers.

It was always clear that the very purpose of virtually removing Article 370 and annulling Article 35A of the Constitution along with reducing the state of J&K into Union Territories, was to bring about demographic change in Jammu & Kashmir. Through this change Central Govt. has entitled those who have resided in the state for over 15 years, or who have resided in the state for 7 years and appeared Class 10 /12 examinations in educational institutions located in the region or the children of the Govt. officials from outside the region who have worked here for more than 10 years are now entitled to domiciliary status.

This is being done at a time when the people are seething with anger against August 5, 2019 steps against J&K. Central Govt. has not been able to withdraw or revoke the prohibitions and restrictions placed on the people of J&K. People of J&K are facing unprecedented attack on their livelihood with collapse of tourism and destruction of trade, skyrocketing levels of unemployment and price rise of essential commodities. At this time of hardship, RSS rulers have launched yet further attack on the people.

CPI(ML)-New Democracy strongly condemns these measures to bring about stealthily  demographic change in the region. CPI(ML)-New Democracy appeals to all democratic forces and individuals to condemn these changes in law.

Central Committee,

CPI (ML)-New Democracy

April 2, 2020