Democratic Rights

Democratic Rights

Delhi High Court’s Justice Murlidhar Made to Pay for Refusing to Kneel!

That is the sole message which the Supreme Court Collegium is sending to the people of India. Moreover it is sending a signal to the Judiciary. The Collegium has transferred three Judges of three different High Courts whereas senior judges are not so transferred normally. And as is the practice […]

Democratic Rights IFTU

IFTU Condems Police Violence on Jamia Students Protest March

The Jamia Coordination Committee held a Press Conference today, 12th February 2020, and described the violence wrecked against the students under the aegies of  Delhi Police  when they wanted to march to Parliament from their University on 10th Feb. The spokespersons said that they had continually approached the concerned officials […]

Democratic Rights

VIRASAM General Secretary Prof. Kasim’s Arrest Condemned

Continuing its attacks on the democratic rights activists along with the revolutionary movement and intellectuals supporting the struggle of the oppressed people, police of TRS Govt. of Telengana on January 18 raided the house of Prof. Kasim who is teaching in Osmania University at Hyderabad. Without any notice or prior […]

CPI (M-L) Democratic Rights

Supreme Court on Kashmir Lockdown : Sermons Galore But No Relief

Continuing abdication of its duties to uphold the Constitution and rights enshrined therein, Supreme Court on January 10 delivered a judgment on the petitions filed before against shutdown of internet and other means of communication and its relation to the freedom of press which is part of the fundamental right […]

CPI-ML New Democracy Democratic Rights

CPI(ML)-New Democracy Demands Action Against Police For Violence Against Lawyers in Delhi

On Saturday last, the 2nd of November, Delhi Police personnel launched a full scale assault on lawyers in the Tees Hazari District Court of Delhi on a flimsy excuse and even resorted to police firing within the Court compound. Three lawyers who were injured in the firing are still in Hospitals […]

CPI-ML New Democracy Democratic Rights Press Release

Punjab Reacts against fascist Offensive

On 28th August, news started trickling down that houses of Gautam Navlakha in New Delhi, of Sudha Bhardwaj in Faridabad, Varavara Rao –Kranthi in Hyderabad, of Anand Teltumbde in Goa, Stan Swamy in Ranchi and of Vornon Gonsalves and Arun Faereira in Mumbai were encircled and were being searched. By […]

CPI-ML New Democracy Democratic Rights Press Release

Rise in Protest against Fascist Attack on Progressives and Democratic Rights Activists

In a fascist attack all across India, RSS-BJP Central Govt. has arrested a large number of civil liberties and democratic rights activists. For this nefarious anti-people attack on the democratic rights, FIR lodged after Bhima Koregaon violence has been twisted. Central Govt. and Maharashtra Govt. led by RSS-BJP has shielded […]

CPI-ML New Democracy Democratic Rights Press Release

Protest against Repression by TRS Govt. in Telengana, Invoking of PD Act against Com. Madhu

TRS Govt. in Telengana led by KCR has launched one of the most sinister attack against the people of Telengana particularly its tribals whom it is trying to dispossess of the land which they have been cultivating for decades, particularly podu lands. TRS Govt. is also crushing  the democratic rights […]