Democratic Rights

CPM led ‘Left’ Front Govt.’s  Attack On Democratic Rights!

In a shocking but hardly surprising step, the CPM led Left Front Govt. of Kerala has vested the police, i.e. controlled by itself at present, with new arbitrary powers to crush dissent. An Ordinance, approved by the Governor on 21st November, has empowered the police to arbitrarily arrest anyone putting posts on social media which do not meet the approval of the powers that be in the state, i.e. CPM. This is quite in keeping with the traditions established by the Left Front in its over three decade long rule in West Bengal. Its ‘harmad’ gangs were extortionists and enforcers, hated by the people. It appears that CPM has not learnt any lesson from that.

The Ordnance brought by the Kerala Govt. hardly need surprise anyone. Neo revisionists are part of the ruling classes. But the timing of the Ordnance is at a time when countrywide, democratic forces and organizations and individuals are speaking out against the free use of India’s armoury of black laws by the RSS BJP Govts in both Centre and in several states, the fascist clamp down on dissent and on any opposition to the pro imperialist and communal agenda they are furthering. Working class is in the midst of organizing fight back against the brutal slashing of rights through brute parliamentary majority of Central Govt. Peasants are giving serious fight to handing over Agriculture to corporate. Students countrywide are grappling the pro corporate education policies which have been enunciated by NEP. All the policy changes have been shoved through under cover of the Corona pandemic and the people’s fight back calls for the widest unity. The movements need exercise of all the democratic rights to express dissent and to force back steps taken against people’s and country’s real interests and welfare. Additionally, the very weak democratic movement fighting against witch hunts of peoples movements will scarcely be assisted by this draconian Ordnance being brought by a non BJP state Govt. It is hoped that the Ordnance will open the eyes of those who imagine that the revisionists stand for the people or that their interests or character is other than ruling class.

Fascism is a form of rule by the ruling classes; rule by terror. It includes in attack the other ruling class parties. The BJP RSS are out to impose their agenda on the country and the entire state structure is increasingly subservient to them. At such a time, all forces must call on Kerala Govt. to recall the Ordnance they have issued; the class character of CPI CPM will not change if it does so, but the current fight against attack on democratic rights will have one less distraction.


23rd November 2020.