Press Release

CPI(ML)-New Democracy Condemns killing of CPI(Maoist) leaders

The claim by the Govt. of killing 28 persons belonging to CPI (Maoist) on Andhra Pradesh-Odisha border on October 24th 2016 has raised several important questions which have grave implications for the democratic rights of the people. Govt.’s claims have been disputed by several intellectuals and democratic rights’ activists. There have been allegations that several injured persons have been killed by the security forces as also that those detained have also been eliminated. There are also reports that several others too are in Govt. custody which the Govt. is not disclosing. It is feared that the Govt. is planning to eliminate them as well.

Govt. has claimed that it had made a surprise attack on the alleged camp, but there are no arrests made from the alleged site of attack nor has any person been shown to be injured. It substantiates the allegations that CPI(Maoist) cadres have been killed by the security forces in cold blood. CPI(ML)-New Democracy strongly condemns these killings and demands that those with the security forces should immediately be produced in the Court.

From this it is clear that the Govt. is following a policy of physical elimination of the communist revolutionary leaders and cadres. Rather than fulfilling the genuine aspirations of the people, the Govt. is eliminating those who are struggling for people’s rights. Govt. is waging a war in the tribal areas to clear these areas of the tribals for the exploitation and plunder by the foreign and domestic corporate. The Govt. is obviously targeting forces which are leading the struggle of tribals for their land, livelihood and habitat.

There have also been reports that the dead bodies of the activists killed by the security forces were not accorded the respect and dignity due to human beings. These were treated in a very shabby manner.

As the Govt. claims that it is waging a war, it must respect laws governing war. It must not kill those apprehended and accord them status of prisoners of war. Govt. is violating norms laid in the Conventions governing such conflicts.

The whole incident has raised many questions which need to be enquired into. There must be a full-fledged and independent enquiry into the whole incident. CPI(ML)-New Democracy demands judicial enquiry by a sitting judge of the Supreme Court into these killings.

Democratic rights’ organizations and people must raise their voice against the policy of physical elimination and cold-blooded murder being pursued by the Govt. against communist revolutionaries and tribal activists. People must demand accountability from the Govt. A powerful movement should be built to end this impunity by the Govt. and the security forces.

October 27, 2016