CPI-ML New Democracy

Red Salute to Revolutionary Martyr Com. Linganna!

Leader of the Godavari Valley Resistance Movement and a member of Telengana State Committee & North East Telengana Regional Committee and Kothagudem District Secretary of CPI (ML)-New Democracy, Com. Linganna was martyred today, the 31st of July 2019. He was killed by police in the forest near village Rolagadda in Gondala mandal of Kothagudem district.

Police in Telengana has launched a serious offensive against the revolutionary movement, CPI (ML)-New Democracy in particular. TRS State Govt. in conducting serious offensive against tribals to forcibly dispossess them from their podu lands which they have been cultivating for decades, even for generations. CPI (ML)-New Democracy is in the forefront of this struggle and hence, KCR Govt. is targeting CPI (ML)-New Democracy in its attack. Com. Linganna was one of the main organizers of tribals and other traditional forest dwellers and has been organizing their resistance against the Govt. offensive. Targeting of Com. Linganna and other CPI (ML)-ND cadres is a calculated move of the Govt. This is part of the fascist drive of the Govt. targeting tribals and the organizations defending their rights.

A large posse of police in four batches had launched an offensive against Party activists today. They surrounded a team of Party activists led by Com. Linganna.

Com. Linganna, one of the principal leaders of the resistance movement and of the Party, has been a consistent adherent of revolutionary mass line. He has been an epitome of Party discipline and revolutionary commitment. He staunchly defended people’s right to resist and fiercely opposed revisionist and rightist trends as well as ultra-left trend in the revolutionary movement. Consistently in practice of revolutionary struggle, he was very articulate in his opinions and clear in his vision about the revolutionary movement. His martyrdom is a glorious addition to those who offered supreme sacrifice in the course of revolutionary movement and a big loss to the Party and the revolutionary movement at present.

Com. Linganna was killed by police in Gundala mandal of Kothagudem district today.

Born in a tribal family in Rolgadda village in Gundala mandal, Com. Linganna got associated with the revolutionary movement from an early age. He never hesitated to take difficult tasks demanding sacrifice, offering supreme sacrifice in the process. His life has been one of simplicity, commitment and sacrifice. He had revolutionary daring and astuteness in full measure. Whenever the revolutionary movement placed any arduous task before the Party, Com. Linganna had been among the first to offer himself for the same. He lived and ultimately died for the people and the revolutionary movement.

Com. Linganna lived all his life for the people and gave his life for the cause of the people. He has given the supreme sacrifice for the revolutionary movement. Central Committee of CPI (ML)-New Democracy pays its homage to the revolutionary memory of Com. Linganna and vows to carry revolutionary movement to victory, the unfinished task bequeathed to us by Com. Linganna. We grieve his loss and vow to convert this loss into strength.

Central Committee of CPI (ML)-New Democracy calls upon all Party Committees to observe martyrdom of Com. Linganna, to pledge to devote themselves to the task of intensifying revolutionary movement. CPI (ML)-New Democracy calls upon all Party Committees to build a strong protest movement against fascist repression being launched against the revolutionary leaders and cadres.  CPI (ML)-New Democracy also calls upon the tribals and other traditional forest dwellers to intensify their struggle for the defense of their lands and means of livelihood which are being attacked by the Govt.

Central Committee

CPI (ML)-New Democracy

July 31, 2019