Punish Guilty of Attack on Students of Jadavpur University

The Mamata Banerjee led Trinamool Congress Govt. has unleashed an unprecedented attack against the students of Jadavpur University (JU). On 16th September students of Jadavpur University had organized a programme to meet the executive council of JU demanding proper & impartial enquiry into an allegation of molestation. The Vice Chancellor of the University who is a well known Trinamool loyalist, did not take up the matter properly. In the dark hours of night, when peaceful demonstration was going on, students were playing guitars and singing chorus songs, suddenly, the lights were switched off. Police entered the administrative block and attacked the students. Hundreds of them were injured. Several students had head injuries and chest injuries & were admitted into hospitals. 36 students, including girl students, were arrested. Male police manhandled girl students, there was no lady police during the police action.

Students from different parts of Kolkata, including thousands of students of JU, spontaneously protested against this atrocity. In the early hours of 17th September students organized a road blockade in front of Jadavpur PS . In the afternoon about 5000 students marched protesting the police action, demanding resignation of Vice Chancellor and condemning the anti democratic, anti student role of Mamata Banerjee government. Next day also there was a large protest rally organized by the students of Kolkata. It was a spontaneous one. On 19th Sept. APDR and students of Presidency University organized a rally in solidarity with the students of JU. Students of different colleges including Medical College and other general colleges also participated there. Teachers’ Association of JU (JUTA) has condemned the incident. On 20th Sept. a mammoth rally was organized by the students of Kolkata which met the governor demanding resignation of VC and punishment of guilty officials.

The police attack in Jadavpur has exposed the real face of TMC govt. of west Bengal. When TMC leaders attack teachers and principals of different colleges of West Bengal e.g. Bhangar college, Raigunj college, Gourbanga University, there the police & govt . officials are indifferent. The Chief Minister is trying to dilute the incidents calling them ‘trifle matter’.

In Jadavpur students are fighting for democratic rights and self respect. We firmly stand by them. Raise your voice in support of their struggle.