IFTU, Press Release

IFTU Statements on All India Strike of Workers

(IFTU President Com. Aparna and General Secretary Com. B. Pradeep issued the following statements on 8th and 9th January 2019.)

8th January Strike- IFTU cadres and leaders lead workers to implement strike on First Day of All India Strike

On 8th January 2019 IFTU leaders, cadres and activists in different parts of the country came out onto the streets and led the various sections of the working class in implementing the first day of the 2 day all India strike call given by IFTU and five other trade union centres on a 19 point charter of demands and also given by 11 trade union centres on a 12 point charter of demands.  The BMS trade union centre has stayed away from the strike even though the workers organized under it are facing the same attacks as workers in the rest of the country. IFTU National committee congratulates the workers of India on the successful implementation of the all India strike call in various forms and calls on them to intensify the strike struggle tomorrow, the second day of the strike.

In Punjab, members of IFTU organized workers in construction arena, in brick kilns and AASHA and other scheme workers to take part in demonstrations in 18 districts. A big programme was organized at Nawashahr (now Shaheed Bhagat Singh Dist) Dist. and demonstrations and 2 hour road blocks were held in other districts from noon onward, at some places by IFTU alone and in some places we were joined by activists of other unions.

In Andhra Pradesh, following weeks of preparation and massive rallies by IFTU in several districts, today IFTU leaders, members and activists took part in joint rallies in Vijaywada, Vishakhapatnam, East Godavari, West Godavari and other districts. In Jungareddygudem a big IFTU rally was taken out and in various parts of Chittoor dist also rallies of IFTU implemented the strike call.

In West Bengal all IFTU units in Dankuni observed strike including at Vikrant, Anmol Biscuits, Mohan and Sobiso. The Jutex, Anga and Dalhousie jute mills were also closed by the IFTU led workers. In Rishra Dist, IFTU members struck work in Jayshree Textiles, Jayshree Incubators and Hindustan glass; other unions did not ask their workers not to enter the factories but though workers entered no production took place and this situation will be there tomorrow too. In Siliguri and Bankura IFTU members and other unions jointly took out rallies and closed all shops.

In Bihar, in Muzaffarpur IFTU members closed down the tempos at the railway station and effectively paralyzed transport. In NTPC Kehalgaon contract and permanent workers led by IFTU wore black badges today. In Uranium mines in Jadugoda (Jharkhand) the IFTU led Uranium Kamgar Union held a day long dharna and a mass meeting will be held this evening. The Dharna was joined by other unions. Good strike was affected in coal by all unions.

In Delhi IFTU led rallies started in the morning in Okhla Phase 1 from D block, from Mayapuri Phase 2 and in Hyderpur Industrial Area and closed the industrial areas. In Okhla and in Mayapuri activists of AITU and CITU joined our rallies midway. 70% of Mayapuri and over 60% of Okhla factories were closed. A Dharna and mass meeting was held at the gate of Safdurjung Hospital and members of the Safdurjung Karamchari Sangharsh Union, the DSOI Staff Association affiliated to IFTU and the Contract Workers Unions of Safdurjung and AIIMS (both IFTU affiliated) took part. In Delhi, IFTU condemned the imposition of ESMA on the electricity workers of the Capital who had given notice of strike.

In Telengana IFTU workers, activists and leaders came out and implemented the strike call and participated in joint rallies and took out area rallies in various parts of the state.

In Greater Noida workers of Moser wear and LG held a protest under IFTU leaders. In Odisha strike call was implemented and rallies held in Behrampur, Muniguda and other areas.

IFTU calls on the workers to intensify struggle on the 19 point charter of demands against the Govt. We also call on the INTUC, which is participating in the strike, to ensure that the new Congress Govts in MP, Rajasthan and Chhattisgarh immediately revoke the labour law changes made by the previous BJP-RSS Govts.  Let us make tomorrow’s strike even more widespread and successful as today’s.

2nd day of 2 day All India Strike of Working Class

IFTU National Committee Congratulates Working Class of India;

Calls to Intensify Struggle for 19 point Charter of Demands!

Demand Scrapping of Proposed Changes to Trade Union Act by Modi Govt.!

IFTU leaders, members and workers led workers across the country to implement the second day of the two day working class strike called by six trade union centres on a 19 point charter of demands. CITU, INTUC and several other unions (10 unions) had also given the call on a 12 point charter of demands. Both charters demand that there should be no attacks by the Modi Govt. on the 44 labour laws which this BJP-RSS govt. has targeted and which working class struggles including several All India strikes have forced the Govt. to keep at bay. IFTU demands that the Modi Govt. immediately revoke the attacks it has proposed in the Trade Union Act and calls on the working class to prepare to intensify struggles, both under their own unions and also jointly against this attack. IFTU also reiterates the demand of the 6 central trade unions that the Congress Govt in MP, Rajasthan and Chhattisgarh immediately revoke the changes made in labour laws by the previous RSS-BJP Govts in these states and calls upon the INTUC to ensure the same so as to uphold the veracity of the working class struggle.

In Punjab, IFTU today led massive marches and road blocks of workers in Ropar, Gurdaspur and Gardshanker and few other districts, while in West Bengal, like yesterday all units observed strike in Dankuni and Rishra.  In Andhra Pradesh IFTU organized dharnas in Chittoor Dist. and took part in joint marches in the other districts.

IFTU National Committee condemns the arrest of 85 IFTU members along with IFTU leaders in Krishnagiri Dist of Tamil Nadu when they went to sit on dharna near the post office. CITU and AITUC members were also arrested. We condemn the violation of democratic right to protest and the oppressive attitude of the Tamil Nadu Govt.

In Delhi, IFTU activists and leaders led rallies in Naraina Phase 1 and Okhla Phase 2 Industrial  areas, shutting 60% of Naraina and over 50% of Okhla. Leaders of other central unions also joined these rallies along with their vehicles. In Hyderpur Industrial area a mass meeting was held in the morning.

In Bihar, in Muzaffarpur, marches were held. In NTPC Kehalgaon, the contract and permanent workers under IFTU held a mass meeting whereas in Uranium Corp. in Jadugoda (Jharkhand) the IFTU members wore black badges.

In Telengana IFTU leaders and activists participated in joint programmes.

IFTU NC congratulates the working class of all sectors for participating in the two day strike and sending a powerful rebuff to the pro imperialist anti worker policies of the Modi Govt. and its attacks on working class rights. We call on the workers to defeat the divisive communal and casteist conspiracies of this Govt. against the united democratic struggles of all sections including the working class, which are bound to intensify in the coming pre election months. We call on all workers to answer repression and black laws with united struggle and call on all centres to rise above sectarianism.