CPI-ML New Democracy, Kashmir, Press Release

CC Statement on J&K

Oppose the abrogation of Special Status to J & K

Protest against this Hindutva fascist onslaught against people of Kashmir

Stand with the people of Kashmir

RSS BJP Govt. has unleashed a sinister and all-around attack on the people of Kashmir by abolishing Article 370 of the Constitution governing relations between the two.

This step has struck at the very root of the hitherto propagated stand of Indian Govt. claiming accession of J&K on the basis of instrument of accession signed by the then ruler King Hari Singh in October 1947. This was expressly the basis of article 370. By repudiating article 370 Indian Govt. has repudiated that instrument.

This act of the Govt. is patently unconstitutional.  It is settled by the Supreme Court that power of the Parliament to amend the Constitution is not unlimited. The process of change even abrogation given in the Constitution Article – 370 is with the consent of Constituent Assembly of the state. That assembly drafted the Constitution of J&K and dissolved itself in January 1957. The temporary nature of the Article 370 was subject to changes by that Constituent Assembly and not by Indian Parliament.

In fact it is an attempt by the RSS-BJP to suppress the struggle of the Kashmiris. Despite the region having the dubious distinction of largest military presence, a large number of additional forces have been sent. From the special status J&K has been robbed of the status of a province also bringing it under central rule and further dividing it into two units. The express purpose of this unprecedented step is to take over the handling of land (Entry 18 of the State List). This has serious portent of the design of Hindutva ruling group to change the demography of J&K. Another aspect is to take over the delimitation of the constituencies and in the process to reduce the representation of Kashmir Valley in the new legislature. Separation of Ladakh into a Union territory which already enjoyed regional autonomy, with Kargil and Leh is to further divide the people of Kashmir.

This is continuation of majority communal hypernationalist agenda of the corporate backed Hindutva forces. Having tasted success with Balakote strike ruling Hindutva group has unleashed this offensive. Its timing is chosen to mask slowing economy, rising unemployment and poverty and growing dismal conditions of the people. It is part of the attacks launched by the ruling group through UAPA amendments, NIA amendments, RTI amendments NMC and host of legislative acts. RSS-BJP has unleashed this offensive having secured the open support of several regional parties and covert acquiescence of other parties of ruling classes.

Timing of this move is Hindutva ruling group also coincides with US move to reach agreement with Taliban in Afghanistan which has brought Pakistan once again to the centre of the US policy for the region. Indian Govt. made this move before the above agreement is reached thereby making that agreement difficult or to strike before Pakistan savours success in Afghanistan. Indian Govt. has been expressly barred from deliberations over the future of Afghanistan as in the recently held meeting in Beijing with Russia, China, US and Pakistan.

This onslaught on the people of Kashmir bears striking resemblance to what Zionist rulers of Israel are doing to Palestinians. It amounts to taking over the land and evicting or marginalizing the people. Indian Govt.’s talk of development also smacks of the proposals of Jaryd Kushner, President Trump’s son-in-law to bring ‘peace’ to Palestine.

This is a big step towards imposing Fascist dictatorship over the country. It is a grave challenge before the people of the country.

Struggle of the people of Kashmir against this onslaught will the key to the future developments on the issue. They are facing an existential threat. Democratic and progressive sections and organizations should stand with the people of Kashmir and support their struggle in their hour of trial in the immediate future and for the people of the whole country in not too distant a future. There is complete lock down in Kashmir since yesterday and leaders of parties in Kashmir have been detained. There was systematic build up of security forces in the state over the last weeks.

CPI(ML)-New Democracy Central Committee calls for immediate protests against abrogation of Article 370. CPI(ML)-New Democracy appeals to all revolutionary, democratic and struggling forces for building a broad based movement against corporate backed Hindutva fascism being imposed on the country.

CPI(ML) New Democracy

Central Committee

Dt. 5th August 2019