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Call for Protests Against Ordinance Amending LARR 2013 – Oppose & Defeat Offensive of Modi Govt.

Central Committee of CPI(ML)-New Democracy strongly condemns the Ordinance promulgated by Central Govt. amending law governing the land acquisition – The Right to Fair Compensation and Transparency in Land Acquisition, Rehabilitation and Resettlement Act, 2013 (LARR). Promulgation of this Ordinance is not only against political morality and parliamentary propriety but is sinister attack on the peasants including tribals and also on the people as well as national interests. Modi Govt. has sought to carry out the most important part of the agenda of the foreign and Indian corporate who were instrumental in bringing Modi led Govt. to power.
This Ordinance seeks to negate the changes that UPA Govt. was forced to introduce under the pressure of peasants’ struggle against forcible displacement and attack on their land and means of livelihood. These struggles had swept the country- Kalinganagar, Anti-Posco, Niyamgiri, Singur, Nandigram, Raigarh, Kakrapally, Dadri, Karchana, Bhatta Parsaul, Gangavaram and several others challenged the central and state govts. who were handing over their land to foreign and Indian corporate. People gave supreme sacrifice of giving their lives but refused to give their land. These struggles brought changes in the colonial Land Acquisition Act, 1894 on the agenda. Though UPA Govt. did not accede to the demand for no forcible displacement, it was forced to make certain changes to address some of the defects of the earlier law. Modi led BJP Govt. has annulled these changes and essentially reinstated the colonial land acquisition act.
It is height of political immorality that the same BJP which was part of consensus among ruling class parties for enacting LARR in 2013 has after coming to power gone back on their earlier stance thereby defrauding the people. Since coming to power, Modi led BJP Govt. has been on a spree diluting the environmental provisions in sanctioning projects. And now it has launched a frontal attack on the people. Promulgation of this Ordinance as soon as the Parliament session concluded proves that the Govt. has no respect for even parliament to serve the interests of foreign companies and Indian corporate.
This Ordinance does away with the social impact assessment and right of consent to the people to be displaced. These two aspects were especially important in the 2013 Act. Further it has also done away with provision against acquiring irrigated multi-crop land thereby further endangering food security of the people of the country. It has also reduced the number of beneficiaries to be compensated. By introducing Chapter IIIA, it has waived off all the restrictions on land acquisition.
The main import of the Ordinance is to give total access to the corporate to mineral resources of the country, and to land and building Mafia to fertile lands. Modi Govt.’s motto “Make in India” is a camouflage while real motto is “Sell off India”. By unrestricted extraction of mineral resources it is jeopardizing the interests of even the future generations in the country. Industrial corridors being planned by Modi Govt. and some state govts. are in the interest of foreign and Indian corporate, for exploitation of natural resources of India, for construction Mafia and not for industrial development of the country.
This sinister anti-people move of Modi Govt. needs to be seriously fought. The rights of the people, particularly peasants including tribals, need to be defended. An all out struggle against this diktat of foreign and Indian corporate needs to be rejected. This Ordinance need to be consigned to the dustbin.
CPI(ML)-New Democracy has been consistently opposed to giving land to MNCs and diverting agricultural land for industrialization and urbanization.
CPI(ML)-New Democracy had extended and extends full support to struggles against forcible displacement. We call for further intensification of these struggles. We call for countrywide agitation against this Ordinance.
Central Committee of CPI(ML)-New Democracy calls upon all party committees to organize protests against this anti-peasant, anti-people and anti-national Ordinance. Party shall observe a protest week from January 8, 2015 to January 14, 2015 during which protest programmes will be organized throughout the country.
CPI(ML)-New Democracy appeals to all revolutionary and democratic organizations, all anti-displacement movements and forces and political parties and organizations opposing the Ordinance to raise a powerful protest against this Ordinance and beat back this offensive of Modi Govt. against the people, particularly peasants including tribals.
January 3, 2015 Central Committee,
CPI(ML)-New Democracy