CPI-ML New Democracy

Resolution of CPI(ML) NEW DEMOCRACY AP State Committee on 3 Capitals proposal for AP

In 2014 New Andhra Pradesh was formed with three different geographical regions namely Central Andhra, North Andhra and Rayalaseema. With the experience of erstwhile United Andhra Pradesh our party took a stand on the issue of Capital for New Andhra. Mainly on one side in development and on other side in administration Hyderabad had become as centralized capital of erstwhile AP and gave some negative experiences. So that in New Andhra Pradesh it should not create differences among the regions by deciding on the capital. We should have an approach of keeping balance among regions to achieve maximum unity among people. It was our approach in 2014. As such we decided not to have centralized capital as Hyderabad earlier. We also decided to have and approach of decentralized development and administration.

With the above said approach we opposed the proposal of centralized capital in Amaravati by Chandrababu Government. We also proposed alternative clearly in development and executive. In 2014 general elections also we released our approach in election manifesto. We also published 4 pages pamphlet with this approach in 2015 and they were distributed in Amaravati area.  Economically, politically dominant sections in that area provoked some people to attack on our team.

The decentralization capitals proposal made by the Jagan Government is not same as our party proposed in the spirit of decentralization. The Government is proposing Amaravati as legislative capital, visakha as executive capital and Kurnool as judicial capital. Though it resembles opinions and feelings of Rayalaseema and Uttarandhra people, but it has some vested political interest.  On one side this government took task to destroy the economic and political nervous system built by TDP party in Amaravati in centralized manner. On other side it also decided to build economic and political center along with decentralized capitals proposal. Our party is in favour of it. Based on that, our party decides to add some demands to solve the long run and wide problems of the people.

By keeping unity among people class unity can be achieved. Regional conflicts, differences among people should not damage once again the unity of state. Based on that unity among the state people principally shall be maintained for the people’s problems and feelings of backward regions namely Uttarandhra and Rayalaseema shall be given priority and prominence.

Whatever decision would be taken about the capital shall not satisfy all the 5 crore people of the state. It is not possible to fully satisfy all the three regions people and to get unilateral decision. Some decisions may satisfy some regions people which are pleasant and convenient to them. But they become unpleasant and unwarranted to the people of other regions people. So that that decision should be in a manner to bring maximum unity among people. Principally to keep the unity of AP state people, we formulated the demands with view of decentralization.




  2. Amaravati should continue as legislative capital. But in Visakha and Rayalaseema legislative assembly meetings should be held once a year. State governor Head quarter should be at Amaravati.
  3. Kurnool should be continued as judicial capital, but benches of High court should be provided at Amaravati and Visakha.
  4. Visakha should be continued as executive capital. Sub-offices of executive capital should be provided at Amaravati and Rayalaseema.
  5. In the name of capital building farmers would not be displaced.

In the name of capital Chandrababu tried to build a corporate empire in Amaravati. To that end his Govt. undemocratically handed over the lands from the farmers which were three times crop yielded with a land pooling policy. Those fertile lands were mainly intended to be used as commercial lands rather than for the purpose of capital. It encouraged commercial feelings among the people. But they would not be made as scape goat to the new proposed decentralization policy. So, our party demands the following:

  1. When it was not possible to hand over already used lands for capital, 2013 land acquisition act would be implemented, and 4 times compensation would be paid.
  2. Assignment lands would be given to the real Dalits. If these lands were also already used the compensation would be paid as above said.
  3. If any constructions have not taken place, the land should be made ready to be used again as agricultural lands and 5 lakh compensation shall be given to the owner farmers of the land.
  4. On Regional Development Councils
  5. Government should allot necessary funds to the 4 regional councils. For them duties should be properly be declared. Their autonomy should be maintained. They should be given powers for enactment with legislature. Special funds should allot to Rayalaseema and uttarandhra councils as like Bundelkhand and Koraput.
  6. In government 40 departments are there. On priority basis head offices, Hod’s, Commissionerate’s of departments would be decentralized and regional balance should be formed.
  7. Other Demands
  8. Struggle must be taken up on special status for AP and to demand for implement the bifurcation promises. On this in AP assembly to take once more resolution to put pressure on Central Government.
  9. As per previous treaties and promises river water should be allotted to Rayalaseema.
  10. At the time of building regional capitals people should not be displaced. Agriculture lands should not be acquired.
  11. Along with decentralization of administration there should be decentralization of development which should be people-centric.
  12. To maintain regional balance if any executive centers are constructed, they should be modernized to avoid travel burden on areas’ people.
  13. To establish Agro based industries problems of agriculture sector should be solved. Concessions should also be given to such industries.

Apart from the 3-capital demand and with other demands one more important political task was taken by AP party state committee. When the nation-wide people’s movement is coming up, bringing up these 3-capital demands is not accidental. Our party formulated approach and political tasks.

Before the elections both YCP and TDP raised voices on special status to AP and for implementation of bifurcation promises which were created federal feelings among people. Afterwards those two parties left those demands in air. Apart from that these two parties unconditionally supported Modi and Shah govt. on annulling the article 370 which gave spirit to special status. After Modi and Shah government came into power second time, they introduced 25 undemocratic bills in parliament which were supported by these two parties. For the past 7 months they were supported the actions of central Govt. to change the basic character of Indian democracy. The attacks on parliamentary democracy, secularism, federalism, social justice and sovereignty are getting support legislatively, administratively and judicially. Or they maintained silence particularly they supported at the time of attacks on autonomy of states. Both Jagan and Chandrababu vied with each other to please them to curry favour from the rulers of the central government who are implementing the fascist agenda.  Very important is that these two parties are strongly supported the bill on CAA in parliament without any hesitation. At the time of people upsurge is coming up all over India the proposal of three capitals diverted the attention of the people. Our party feels this hidden political strategy brought over by these parties.

Though RSS is weak in AP, the people upsurge against CAA, NRC, NPR not extending to our state is not accidental occurrence. This capital issue has prevented the people upsurge in AP as other southern states Kerala, Karnataka and Tamilnadu. Our party feels this is a political strategy of the ruling classes. These two parties are giving chance to intrude RSS Hindutva into our state, though BJP did not win a single seat. The fascist forces used TDP and YSRCP as per their strategy who have already left the demand of autonomous and federal spirit to the states.

At this juncture students in Delhi revolted against CAA and NRC. Within 48 hours of that upsurge Jagan government made proposal of 3 capitals. Thereby the mood of the people got diverted. Behind this RSS BJP strategic political design may be there. It is a fascist offensive which is going to make the people of the country as scapegoats. It is the historical responsibility of the party to expose this scenario. The party should take the responsibility to build militant people’s resistance as a political task to face the fascist attack. Already our Central Committee conducted state level general body to explain the RSS BJP Hindu fascism which is coming in our country. Our party should take responsibility to expose this strategy of political deceit. This task should be mingled with the demands on capital issue. That’s why apart from taking up propagation and building of moment on above demands, we should also take up propagation to expose the fascist design which is behind.

January 1, 2020