PMS POW Women Rights

Call For 8th March 2020

Intensify Struggle for Gender Equality Enshrined in Constitution! Despite over 72 years since 1947, what is the situation of gender equality in India?  The question begins with sex selection operating before birth, misusing scientific advances. It continues into unequal opportunities to survive, as economic factors coupled with social bias lead […]


Hold Police and Govt. Accountable! Not Hysteria but Questions needed in Spate of Gang Rapes and Murders

The terrible, horrible gang rape and murder of a vet in Hyderabad raises straight questions which are being lost in the din of corporate media coverage, hysterical crowds baying murder and a CM who opens his mouth after days to speak as though no responsibility lies at his door. The […]


Trivializing, Evading, Communalizing Desertion- The Triple Talaq Bill Criminalizes A Talaq –which –Isn’t!

The Supreme Court of India has already upheld that triple talaq is not valid- is no talaq at all, and the marriage contract shall be therefore deemed continuing to stand unless terminated by valid divorce proceedings. It also cited that most Islamic countries had also done away with this form […]

PMS POW Press Release

The current ‘me too’ in India- Solidarity Statement

Fight to Demolish Feudal Patriarchal culture at workplaces and for Democratic Culture. In India, the “Me Too’ movement exposes that forcing law enactments are not enough-Movements alone can ensure implementation. Brave, angry outpourings from women journalists and women in the entertainment industry in Mumbai are reigning over headlines in India.  […]

PMS POW Press Release

Expose and Demand Action against State Complicity in Violence against Women! Fight Patriarchy and Institutions supporting these Values!

Friends, The last week has been horrific for women in India. Instances of different kinds of violence against women have all come to the fore simultaneously from different parts of India. In all of them either administrations or different wings of the state, especially the police have failed to act […]