Infrastructural facilities are must to halt the spate in Sexual assaults in Delhi

In August and September three incidents have brought back the focus as to how the instances of rape are increasing in the National capital. The age of the Rape survivor did not restrain the perpetrator to commit this heineous violence. In one case it was 90 years, in another 12 years and only 9 months in yet another instance.

The Delhi Commission of women chairperson issued statements after meeting the Survivors. But the point is why the rape is not stopped despite hanging of the convicts or by lynching the accused or by encountering the accused by police?

The instances of Rape are touching a new height. Apart from scientific investigation, speedy and fair trial, certainty of conviction the foremost answer lies in the accountable policing. The failure of Government in providing infrastructure to ensure safety of toddlers is glaring. For example in several instances of sexual assaults on girl children in the capital city the primary reason was non-availability of well furnished free  creche facilities in the workers’ colonies, Jhuggi bastis so that the parents/ women working as factory workers, maid servants, saleswomen and in various kinds of economic activities can leave their children and they can be safe and protected in these crèches, was one of the primary reason of sexual assault on girl children who were left behind while their parents were away for work and these toddlers were alone at homes or neighborhood. But Delhi government has completely failed to provide this infrastructural security to women.

Similarly in the cases of elderly women, proper infrastructure so that senior citizens don’t have to go far off places to get their daily needs and lack of  a senior citizen  friendly public transport system, are important factors of unsafe life to elderly women in the capital city.

PMS Demands crèche facility in all jhuggis colonies, recruiting more young workforce through the social welfare department to take care of the day to day needs of the elderly persons particularly elderly women.

PMS also Demands Delhi government to set up at least 10 courts to exclusively try women related criminal matters so that each and every instance of sexual assault and violence against women can be tried through fast track court.

PMS strongly feels the cultural degradation imposed on the psyche of people at large through decadent imperialist culture superimposed over feudal patriarchal values is making women irrespective of her age a sex object and is responsible for increasing sexual violence against women.

PMS calls upon DCW Chairperson to do beyond lip service and force the Delhi Government to create concrete infrastructural steps to ensure Mahila suraksha in the National capital.

Poonam Kaushik

General Secretary

Pragatisheel Mahila Sangathan (PMS) Delhi

September 10, 2020.