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Observe December 6 as Anti-Communalism Day

To perpetuate their rule and to crush and divert people’s struggles, ruling classes of the country have been using, besides repression and reforms, the weapon of communal division of the people. Ruling classes have inherited this weapon from their colonial masters, the British imperialists. With this weapon, they disrupt the unity of the people, dissipate the anger of the people and divert their struggles into mutual conflicts to camouflage their treachery against the country and the people and safeguard their anti-people rule.

Ruling RSS-BJP represents the most rabid form of majority communalism, Hindutva. They paint the minorities as internal enemies and subjugate oppressed castes, women and tribals under the tyrannical caste system ‘Brahminism’ and inculcate reactionary revivalist fantasies about the past. Under their rule, attacks against Muslims and Dalits have grown many fold, particularly in the states where they are ruling and where they have significant strength. The state machinery they took over from the colonial rulers has been further sharpened in wielding this weapon of communalism. This machinery suppresses the minorities, shields the perpetrators of communal violence and engineers the large scale genocides at the behest of and in league with the ruling politicians.

The organizers of the anti-Muslim genocide in Gujarat have not been punished, rather they are ruling the country. The organizers of anti-Sikh genocides also ruled the country for a long time. These are only the most known genocides among a large number of communal killings in which minorities particularly Muslims are targeted. Babri Masjid was demolished by Hindutva hordes in broad day light in connivance with then ruling Congress. It was not just a place of worship of a community but the very communal harmony and secular claims of the ruling classes that were demolished.

Struggling people of the country must recognize the danger posed by communalism which targets their unity and is a smokescreen for crushing them under the weight of exploitation and oppression of imperialism and big capitalists and big landlords subservient to them. Large scale poverty, rampant unemployment and skyrocketing price-rise, suppression of democratic rights, attacks on peasants and workers, dalits, tribals and women are unleashed while ruling classes whip up communal frenzy and unleash jingoism.

All progressive and democratic sections must rise to combat this menace and its most rabid monster- Hindtuva. We must expose, oppose and defeat their communal conspiracy. Ruling class parties do not and cannot take a principled position against communalism, particularly majority communalism, as they need and wield this weapon to protect this decadent system.

Mobilize the people to demand that demolishers of Babri Masjid be punished !

Mobilize the people to demand the perpetrators of genocide of minorities e.g. anti-Muslim genocide of Gujarat and anti-Sikh genocide be brought to book!

Mobilize the people to demand that officers of administration and police in whose area communal violence takes place be held criminally liable and cases should be made against them. Role of so-called people’s representatives should be examined in such cases and proceedings should be launched against them!

Mobilize the people against communal conspiracies of ruling RSS-BJP in the name of cow protection, their attacks against Dalits and Muslims, and to demand disbanding of their Gaurakshak Dals!

Mobilize the people to demand end to appeal to religious sentiments in elections!

Central Committee,

CPI(ML)-New Democracy

November 29, 2016