AIKMS on Kerala Devastation

CEC of AIKMS has called upon the people to come forward and help the affected people of Kerala in their misery due to the havoc caused by incessant rain and floods. Thousands of houses have been destroyed in land slips, more than 2 lacs have been forced to leave their houses and tens of thousands of crores have been lost in value.

CEC also calls upon the central govt to shed its apathy to the people and declare this Kerala tragedy as a National Calamity to mobilise the entire country to help the people. The whole state is dislocated and is now staring at arriving water borne diseases, hunger and lack of shelter. Imperial type aerial surveys, as undertaken by the leaders will not be of help.

CEC pays tribute to the spirit of sacrifice and help of specially the members of fishermen community who have mobilized their 100 private double engined motorized boats, 300 skilled swimmers and have brought out 20 to 25 marooned people with great risk to their lives.

CEC calls upon all democratic forces to step up pressure on the govts to immediately look into the Gadgil Committee report of 2011 which was deliberately watered down and not implemented for sake of promoting environmentally damaging deforestation, quarrying, real estate constructions. Prof Gadgil, Founder of Center for Ecological Sciencs, IISc, Bangalore, had warned “the illegal quarrying, illegal occupation of forest lands, illegal sand mining from rivers, in the long run will lead to devastation of unimaginable proportions, … rivers will flood as there is no sand on its bed, hill regions will see land slides, …..”. From Right, to Centre, to ‘Left’, all central and state govts in 6 states ignored the warning signs. Even after the 2013 Uttarakhand tragedy the govts’ did not learn. The guilty should be punished.