IFTU Supports Bharat Bandh on December 8

IFTU National Committee Call

Support to Bharat Bandh Call  on 8th Dec. to Demand Repeal of Pro Corporate 3 Agricultural Acts!

The National Committee of the Indian Federation of Trade Unions extends full support to  the Bharat Bandh Call on 8th Dec of Kisan Orgs Demanding Repeal of 3 Agri Acts and Electricity Bill. All these Acts are pro corporate and anti peasant, and have been pushed through by the Central Govt under cover of the Corona Pandemic.

The IFTU condemns the Central Govt for not only failing to pay heed to the massive upsurge of the peasantry, being totally uncaring of the lakhs of peasants sitting at the borders of Delhi in the bitter cold and unleashing brutal repression on them by way of water cannons and lathi charges on them when they were on their way to Delhi. The Agricultural Acts that have been pushed through will leave peasants at the mercy of Corporate increasing land alienation and destitution of peasants. Similarly the Central Govt pushed through anti worker Labour Codes under the same cover, against which Industrial Strike was held on 26th Nov.

We demand the immediate repeal of the 3 Agricultural Acts and withdrawal of the Electricity Bill. In support of the Bharat Bandh, IFTU NC calls on all units to organize lunch hour gate meetings, demonstrations in industrial areas, jointly where ever possible and take every step to deepen and broaden expression of solidarity with the peasants struggle against the pro Corporate Acts and demand of repeal of the Agricultural Acts by the Central Govt.

Long live Worker Peasant Unity!

Aparna             B.Pradeep

(President      (Gen. Sec)


6th Dec. 2020