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AIKMS Statement on UP Loan Waiver

UP state executive committee of AIKMS has criticized BJP giving just partial relief to debt ridden farmers in loan waiver by the BJP govt and backtracking from its promises made during the elections.

BJP had made two loud promises in its election manifesto. One was that all the cropping loans of the small and marginal peasants, i.e. those with less than 2 hectares (5 acres) shall be waived immediately on its assuming office. Second was that all small and marginal farmers shall be given “byaj mukt fasli rin”, i.e. interest free crop loans.

Total crop loan burden of small and marginal farmers was Rs. 62,000 crores. Of his the govt. has waived only Rs 30,729 crores, leaving an Rs 31 thousand odd crores outstanding. This has been done by limiting the waived amount to Rs 1 lac of the loans taken upto 31st March, 2016 and pending till 31, March 2017.

During last rabi crop, due to extreme shortage of cash due to demonetization done by banks on the one hand hardly any KCC loans were disbursed and farmers were put to great distress as their crop could not sell. Now of the total outstanding loans of Rs 62,000 crores, only half the dues have been waived.

BJP govt’s cabinet meeting has failed to announce withdrawal of interest on loan.

Both these failures are a betrayal of the promises made and farmers have been left ‘cheated’.

UP has 2.3 crore land owning farmers, of which 93%, or 2.15 crore persons are in the small and marginal category. Of these 86.68 lacs have been given benefit while the remaining have been left deprived.

BJP had also announced payment of cane dues to all farmers within 14 days and clearing the arrears of payments within 120 days. It has not made any announcement on these promises.

UP AIKMS has demanded that all crop loans of all the small and marginal peasants be waived. AIKMS also demands that the loans of the landless peasants and agricultural workers including those from microfinance companies should also be waived. All interest charged on KCC loans should be stopped being immediately.