Two Journeys

– SK The recent times have witnessed two countervailing journeys across India, one of an ‘exodus’ where one saw heart wrenching scenes of hundreds of thousands of migrant workers taking a route to home by walk, the other where peasants were marching to storm the bastions of power in Delhi […]


AIKSCC Memorndum to UP CM on Harvesting of Crops and Care of Migrant Labour

To, Chief Minister Uttar Pradesh Govt Lucknow                                                                                 Dated: 28 March, 2020 Subject: Harvesting of Crops and Care of Migrant Labour Sir, We are extremely distressed by the reports we are receiving on above two issues and we wish to make this fervent appeal to you for immediate and urgent action. In […]

AIKMS Peasants

AIKMS Statement on Economic Survey

Economic Survey released by the govt. fails absolutely to provide answers for declining peasant incomes, rising agricultural crises and rural unemployment in India. Its recommendations further the same policy initiatives that are aggravating this crises by promoting corporate and MNC penetration and income from Indian agriculture. It recommends promotion of […]