AIKMS : Rally villagers for Coroana precautions, Procurement of Rabi crop produce, improvement of milk, vegetable sale

All India Kisan Mazdoor Sabha has urged the govt to take immediate measures to ensure that as per declaration by the Union Agriculture Minister,  NS Tomar that “all  efforts should be made that farmers can sell their produce near their farmlands” and movement of farm produce and equipment remains without hindrance,  the entire rabi food grain crop of this year is procured by the govt. Telangana state govt has already promised to do so. Private buyers are few and are already reducing the purchase rates drastically while peasants are under heavy pressure to sell.

In addition since rates of milk have dropped sharply, the govt should organize Pradhans and officials to procure milk at normal market rates and supply to the landless and poor families. They should also organize transport to ensure that vegetables are procured in each village and supplied in the city so that peasants get a fair price and costs in cities do not rise. It should also solve problem of prevention of grazing of animals in villages.

AIKMS has demanded that all agricultural workers, landless labour and rural poor be  given benefit of free ration for 6 months with at least 15 kg food grain per head along with cooking oil and sugar, irrespective of whether they have ration cards, Mnrega or other cards. Problem of unemployment is extreme and hunger is rising fast in this unprecedented crisis. In addition all rural poor should be paid for at least 100 days of Mnrega work as Rs 1000 or Rs 500 for one month, as announced, is too meager for any person to survive.

 AIKMS has decried the extremely poor compliance of necessary medical precautions for Corona and has demanded that the govt should supply material in each village and organize the village poor to themselves stitch and distribute masks, to educate all persons to wear masks when out of the house, to teach and ensure physical distancing and washing of hands with soap for at least 20 seconds.

AIKMS cadres and cadres of several peasant organizations will willingly cooperate if the govt does this. Already AIKMS leaders are making this effort at their level.


V Venkatramaiah               Sushanto Jha                           Bhalchandra Shadangi                                  Ashish Mital

President                             Vice President                          Secretary                                                           Gen. Secretary

April 9,2020