CPI-ML New Democracy, Democratic Rights

On Life Sentence to Activists under UAPA

CPI(ML)-New Democracy expresses its serious concern at the judgement delivered by Gadchiroli Sessions Court convicting Mahesh Tirki, Pandu Narote, Hem Mishra, Prashant Rahi, Vijay Tirki and GN Saibaba under provisions of UAPA. Five of them have been sentenced to life while Vijay Tirki has been awarded 10 years’ imprisonment.

The judgement shows scant regard for the provisions of existing law. Court has not taken cognizance of the fact that material relied upon by the Court was not sealed nor of the fact that alleged confessions were obtained under coercion. Such vital aspects which undermine the basis of the prosecution case were disregarded by Court in its judgement. Court has not based itself on facts as it ought to have done but has made observations on revolutionary ideology as it ought not to have done. The latter are also against Supreme Court judgements on the issue.

This judgement deals a serious blow to the democratic rights of the people. It is part of the general attack on the democratic rights of the people being unleashed by Modi led RSS-BJP Govt. It is not accidental that the people like Aseemanand are being acquitted for lack of evidence while people like G.N.Saibaba are being sentenced despite lack of evidence. Democratic rights movement must be strengthened to meet this challenge being posed by ultra-reactionary RSS and its affiliates.

The judgement underscores the draconian nature of UAPA which is meant to be and is being wielded as a weapon against people’s struggles.

CPI(ML)-New Democracy appeals to all progressive and democratic forces and individuals to raise their voice against this judgement. Democratic rights organizations, revolutionary organizations and people’s organizations should build a powerful movement for the repeal of UAPA.

Central Committee,

CPI(ML)-New Democracy

March 9, 2017