CPI-ML New Democracy

Grant Special Category Status to Andhra Pradesh

While Andhra Pradesh was being bifurcated to form the state of Telengana, Central Govt. had promised in the Parliament that new state of Andhra Pradesh would be granted special category status. This promise by the then Central Govt. and supported by the then main Parliamentary opposition which is now ruling at the Centre, has not been honoured by the Central Govt. It is going back on the promise and injustice to the people of Andhra Pradesh. This special category status is needed to promote industrial development, compensate for shortage in revenue while Andhra Pradesh has to build its new capital.

CPI(ML)-New Democracy Central Committee demands that commitment to give special category status to Andhra Pradesh be honoured without delay. CPI(ML)-New Democracy is participating in the struggle on the same demand.

CPI(ML)-New Democracy supports the struggle of peasants who are protesting against forcible acquisition of their land for building the new capital by Naidu Govt. Chandrababu Naidu for promoting the interests of real estate mafia, is taking over the fertile land of peasants which is against the interests of peasants, against food security particularly when alternate land for the purpose is available. CPI(ML)-New Democracy favours more decentralization of various administrative headquarters for the state capital which would be in the interest of the people of Andhra Pradesh.

Large parts of Andhra Pradesh, particularly Ryalaseema and Uttara Andhra (North coastal Andhra) are backward and need special efforts to fulfill the aspirations of people of these regions. For speedy development of these areas, special arrangements are necessary. Central Committee of CPI(ML)-New Democracy demands that Regional Development Councils be formed for Rayalaseema and Uttara Andhra regions. This is a longstanding need of the people of these regions.

CPI(ML)-New Democracy calls upon the people of Andhra Pradesh to build broad based and vigorous struggles to force the Central and State Govts. to grant special category status to Andhra Pradesh, to stop acquisition of land of peasants for the capital and for formation of Regional Development Councils for Rayalaseema and Uttara Andhra regions. CPI(ML)-New Democracy is committed to building and participating in the struggles on these demands.


September 3, 2015                                                                              (Yatendra Kumar)

General Secretary

CPI(ML)-New Democracy