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Brutal killing of tribal leader and AIKMS activist Comrade Adangu Gomango by Landlord goons

Comrade Adangu Gomango(55 years), one of the prominent leader of AIKMS (erstwhile Lok Sangram Manch) and a popular tribal leader of Ganjam district, was killed on the midnight of 22nd May 2016. He was cold bloodedly killed while sleeping on the veranda of his home.

Comrade Gomango came from a poor tribal family of Kumarabandha in Dharakote block of Ganjam district. He was active in organizing the poor people particularly the tribals in Ganjam district for the last 15 years. Even before joining the Lok Sangram Manch in 2001 he had been fighting for the cause of tribal people of his locality. He had earlier held the posts of  Dharakote block President and Ganjam dist President of Lok Sangram Manch. Under his leadership many struggles of the people, particularly tribals and dalits, over land, forest right, against the atrocities of police and forest officials and against caste oppression were held in Ganjam district. Though he was totally illiterate he was a good orator in his own tribal language i.e Soura and was having good organizing power. Three years back he was physically attacked by the armed goons of Bajrang Dal with the support of local landlords and ruling party leaders. Just before his killing there was a tussle between the people of his village and some landlords of his neighbouring village over forest land. The tribal people of his village had received forest right titles for the above mentioned forest land, which these landlords want to capture forcefully. Comrade Gumango has earlier approached the local authorities to enforce the rights of the tribals. It is being suspected that these landlords with the help of some supari goons of Bajrang Dal killed him in a planned manner. We on behalf of the PC of Odisha CPI(ML)ND condemn this brutal killing of Comrade Adangu Gomango and demand an enquiry by the Crime Branch into the incident. We demand that the killers be apprehended immediately. With his death the toiling masses of Odisha, particularly the tribals, have lost one of their fighting sons and CPI(ML) ND has lost an active comrade.



Bhalachandra, Spokesperson

Odisha Provincial Committee

CPI(ML)-New Democracy