CPI-ML New Democracy

CC Statement on Gaza

Ground assault by Israel Army after heavy bombing for several days is one new chapter in Zionist crimes against Palestinians. Nearly 300 people, women and children, young and old have perished in these attacks. Brutality of the attacks is obvious from hospitals and schools being targeted. Unrelenting attacks on densely populated Gaza have made almost every Palestinian living in Gaza a target. A human catastrophe is being unleashed on Gaza by Zionist rulers. World people are angry and dismayed at this display of might against Palestinians.

Zionist rulers and their western imperialist backers with their control over international media have sought to portray this as Israeli response to abduction of three Jew youth in West Bank. This is only a cooked up excuse is obvious from not only its disproportionate nature but also the fact that kidnappings occurred in West Bank and this brutal military assault is being carried out against Gaza. Even if Israeli and western propaganda is believed, this collective punishment is colonial legacy which is proscribed under the international law.

This assault is Zionist Israeli rulers’ response to the unity forged between Hamas ruling in Gaza and Fatah ruling in West Bank. This unity achieved after painstaking efforts has deprived Zionist rulers and their western imperialist backers their pet excuse that Palestinians are divided so there is no partner for peace negotiations while the fact is that Zionist rulers do not want to have any peace talks at all. All they want is smokescreen of peace talks while they pursue their violent expansionist agenda of capturing more and more of Palestinian territories. Moreover, they want only pliable Palestinian counterparts who will allow them to play this game of talks which they do not expect to be allowed by the unified Palestinian leadership.

Western media while continuing its tirade against Palestinians, particularly Hamas, ignores the fact that Palestinian factions united after Kerry mission of Obama Administration for starting negotiations between Israel and Palestinians was winded up when the pretense of efforts in this direction could not be kept up. The present Zionist offensive is to damage Hamas and also drive fissures in Palestinian unity by heaping untold suffering on Palestinians.

Israeli offensive should also be seen in the context of widening fissures in the Arab world where Saudi Arabia and some other Gulf monarchies have supported military coup in Egypt, the most populous Arab country. Military rulers of Egypt are old friends of Zionist rulers of Israel united in their resolve to crush movement of Palestinians and of Arabs at large. They have blockaded border crossing with Gaza not even permitting supplies of medicines and other essential items.

Zionist attack on Gaza can neither wipe out Palestinian resistance nor demoralize Palestinian people as they are fighting for their very national existence denied by Zionist rulers, who back this denial by wars of extermination of Palestinians, and ignored by western imperialist powers. The war is asymmetrical in terms of military power but is also asymmetrical in terms of moral justification of their struggle. Western imperialist powers, particularly US imperialists, who criticize inefficacy of United Nations in preventing violence in a number of countries, not only remain mute spectators to this most heinous crimes against humanity, but prevent United Nations from taking any steps against Israel.

Modi led BJP Govt. has shamelessly sided with Israel by refusing to condemn their brutal assault on Gaza. Modi Govt. tried to prevent parliamentary discussion on Gaza assault despite its being on the agenda. Foreign Minister, Ms. Swaraj, termed both sides as friends but given the one-sided nature of present conflict, it means Ms. Swaraj and her Govt. takes Israel as a friend who cannot be criticized whatever its crimes.

CPI(ML)-New Democracy strongly condemns this blatantly pro-Zionist stand of Modi Govt. and demands that Israeli attack on Gaza be condemned.

CPI(ML)-New Democracy demands that all attacks either ground offensive or aerial bombing on Gaza by Zionist rulers must stop immediately. All border crossings should be opened for supplies of medicines and all other essential commodities immediately.

CPI(ML)-New Democracy demands that national oppression of Palestinians must end and violent expansionist acts of Zionists must stop immediately.

CPI(ML)-New Democracy extends its full support to the struggle of Palestinians for their national land and national aspirations. Imperialist conspiracy in which compliant Arab rulers are partners against Palestinians must end.

Central Committee, CPI(ML)-New Democracy calls upon all party units and progressive democratic people to condemn Israeli attack on Gaza and support Palestinians’ struggle. Party units must rally the people to stand with Palestinians in their struggle and condemn Modi Govt. for siding with Zionist Israeli rulers.

July 20, 2014                                                         (Yatendra Kumar)

                                                                             General Secretary,

                                                                            CPI(ML)-New Democracy