AIKMS Supports Haryana Peasants’ Struggle; Condemns Repression

Central Executive Committee of AIKMS has severely condemned the repression on farmers unleashed by Khattar Govt of Haryana at the behest of the Modi Govt. The BJP govt blocked the Haryana farmers in Pipli, Kurukshetra and 7 centres, house arrested and warned leaders, but the anger of the farmers cannot be contained by these acts of brutal suppression. Hundreds were arrested during the protest.

AIKMS has warned the Govt. to withdraw the 3 Ordinances and other anti farmer measures or face a nation wide protest and mass resistance. The anger amongst the peasants is growing as input costs have been rising sharply, agriculture support by govt is being cut and is subject to large scale corruption and these pro Corporate, pro MNC Ordinances, rise in electricity rates and diesel prices to help the MNCs and big Indian Corporates will drastically ruin the peasant economy.

With the 3 Ordinances, MNCs and big corporates will control input supply of crops, determine crop pattern, they will buy the crops at cheap prices as there will be no govt security, they will process and store foods, sell at high costs and control the entire food chain, endangering peoples’ food security.

RSS vision of cheating the farmers to help the foreign exploiters, crying ‘atmanirbharta’ and inviting MNCs, is unpatriotic and betrayal of the people.

AIKMS shall also be organizing huge protests on September 14 at govt headquarters, the opening day of the Parliament when RSS-BJP govt plans to pass these ordinances.

(Dr. Ashish Mital)                                                                              V Venkatramaiah

GS, AIKMS                                                                                        President, AIKMS

September 12, 2020