CPI-ML New Democracy, Protests

Lift Siege of Gaza! – Prosecute Israeli rulers for War Crimes! – Organize Protests against Israeli Attack on Gaza on August 9

Since 8th July Israel has launched massive attack against Gaza. Since 18th July Israel forces moved into Gaza. Israeli attack has bettered its own records in inhuman, criminal acts against Palestinian people. Hospitals, schools and university have been targeted. Children and women have been killed in large number. More than 1600 civilians killed, over 7000 serious injured and more than half a million rendered without shelter. UN run schools and institutions are also not spared even as UN stands paralyzed into not taking any action to stop this mayhem due to US and other western rulers’ support to Israeli offensive. Even as it is established that civilians are being targeted, even UN institutions bombed, US rushed ammunition to Israel for this offensive. Support from western imperialist rulers is behind their impunity and utter disregard for human rights of Palestinians and world public opinion.

Israeli offensive is part of periodic attacks by Zionist Israeli rulers to warn Palestinians against any national aspirations or any resistance to Israeli offensive which unfolds daily in grabbing more and more Palestinian lands. They wish to keep Palestinians terrorized by unleashing destruction on a vast scale and driving out all thought of resistance. The present Israeli offensive is targeted against unity achieved by major Palestinian organizations. The reasons cited by Israeli are only excuses. Their right of self-defense extends to wiping out whole localities, whole communities and whole Palestinian nationality from Palestine.

Oppression breeds resistance. Palestinians, whose very existence is denied by Zionist Israeli rulers and ignored by western imperialist powers, refuse to suffer in silence. They are offering supreme sacrifices and bearing untold hardships to continue their resistance. Their very existence entails a fight against Israeli aggressors, every one of them a target of Zionist aggressors.

People of the world are witnessing this mayhem of death and destruction and are galvanized into action. Protests against this have been held throughout India, in cities and towns. However, Indian Govt. has been taking vacillating stand on the issue terming murderous Zionist Israeli rulers as their friends.

Build a powerful protest to force Indian Govt. to take clear stand against Israeli offensive. And also to send a powerful message to western imperialist backers of Zionist Israeli rulers against their abetting the crimes against humanity.

Organize protests on August 9 when this Israeli attack would enter second month and when demonstrations are being organized in all parts of the world to express solidarity with people of Gaza, and Palestinians generally. Howsoever powerful the oppressors may be, they cannot have the last word. Resistance will grow and command greater support in the region and the world.

Assemble in large number to demand lifting of siege of Gaza and prosecution of Israeli rulers for perpetrating war crimes and crimes against humanity. Let all those who stand for justice stand with Palestinians.

July 4, 2014                                                  Central Committee, CPI(ML)-New Democracy