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Human Rights Imperialism World

Worldwide Reaction Against Israeli Killing of Children, Women and Elderly and Destruction of the Offices of International Media Houses

Ceasefire, a Victory of Palestinians, and Momentum towards Two State Solution On 20th May night (11 PM GMT) ceasefirewas announced between Israel Govt. and Palestinian organizations to end 11 days of barbaric pounding of Gaza by Israel and rockets fired into Israel from Gaza. Effort to broker ceasefire by Egypt […]

CPI-ML New Democracy Protests

Lift Siege of Gaza! – Prosecute Israeli rulers for War Crimes! – Organize Protests against Israeli Attack on Gaza on August 9

Since 8th July Israel has launched massive attack against Gaza. Since 18th July Israel forces moved into Gaza. Israeli attack has bettered its own records in inhuman, criminal acts against Palestinian people. Hospitals, schools and university have been targeted. Children and women have been killed in large number. More than […]