Communalism, CPI-ML New Democracy

Call of Delhi Committee of CPI (ML)-New Democracy

Dear Comrades and Friends,

Goons mobilized by RSS and uniformed goons of Delhi police have unleashed a reign of terror in areas of northeast Delhi where Muslims constitute a sizable part of population. This is amply clear from the manner in which BIP leader Kapil Mishra, who lost the recent election for Delhi assembly made provocative speech issuing open threats right under the protection of the police, and yet no action has been taken against him. Numerous video clips have come to light which clearly show the complicity of police in attacks on Muslims. In fact, rather than helping the injured access urgently required medical care, policemen can be seen making the severely injured persons chant the national anthem and Vande Matram. As per the reports that been pouring in from the affected areas, many injured people, including those with gunshot injuries are trapped in their localities with there being no means of accessing medical aid. In fact there have been reports of police not allowing relief to reach the areas. While the unofficial reports talk of a very high number of casualties, the medical superintendent of GTB hospital is reported to have told the media that a total of 11 deaths have taken place in the hospital.

It is tragic that while one MLA who lost the election on BJP ticket manages to set Delhi on fire, the 62 AAP MLAs who won the election seem to be hiding for cover. While the Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal deemed it fit to sit in prayer at Raj Ghat, he forgot that Ghandhiji had toured the riot affected areas.

In the evening, when with great difficulty an all women delegation of social and political activists could finally meet the chief minister, he was unresponsive to the suggestion that he should be in the areas where Muslims were being attacked to show that he stands by their side in this moment of grief. When told that people with gunshot injuries were trapped in private nursing homes, throwing all courtesy aside, he said ‘why did they go to private nursing homes? Had they come to our hospitals, we would have taken care of them.’

In this time of crisis, the Delhi Committee of CPI(ML)-New Democracy calls upon the people of Delhi to stand united against the attacks on Muslims and give a befitting reply to the nefarious designs of RSS and its cohorts to divide the people. We welcome that people are demonstrating their unity by providing shelter and support to those attacked by Sanghi goons. We call upon workers, students, women, intellectuals and people from other walks of life to protest against attacks on Muslims. We support the call for everyone to gather in large numbers at Jantar-Mantar tomorrow (February 26) at 2 pm for a sit in.