Condemn Central Govt. Directed Delhi Police’s Indiscriminate Arrests, Suppression and Distortion of Truth about Delhi Violence

While hundreds upon hundreds of violence affected, displaced, injured in the state sponsored RSS organized violence on citizens last week in North East Delhi have given widely reported statements that the violence was wrecked by helmeted outsiders and uniformed men, the Delhi Police has launched into a spate of arrests and detentions which does not reflect what happened in the city. That too it is being done in a non transparent manner.

In that violence So many besides 53 reported dead and over 300 injured, livelihoods of thousands have been lost, businesses burnt.

It is understood that over 700 FIRs have been filed by the police; however only a small minority of them are uploaded and are in public domain. So many injured and relatives of dead say that their complaints have not been converted into FIRs. Over 2000 have been arrested or detained.

It is common knowledge and police is not denying it, that the detained are almost solely Muslims. 50 have been arrested under Arms Act. Muslim youth are reportedly fleeing their homes and it seems that UP mode of repression is being replicated here. Peaceful protests and peace marches are being simply banned by Delhi police and in the name of the violence which is commonly known to have been executed with police assistance, Sec 144 has been imposed in the whole city stifling right to protest or even raise call for justice, for peace.

Indian Federation of Trade Unions (IFTU) demands that arrests, FIRs be made public, all complaints be converted into FIRs and a sitting Judge of High Court or Supreme Court conduct a time bound enquiry into the sequence of events in the Delhi violence. The complaints of helmeted and uniformed men initiating and wrecking violence have to be lodged and investigated.

It is clear that these arrests are a blatant attempt to shield the culprits of violence unleashed in North East Delhi from February 23-26. This is also a clear attempt to mislead the public opinion as to who are the guilty. This should be exposed. All democratic and progressive sections, all supporters of communal peace and harmony and justice loving people should raise their voice against this brazen attempt to suppress the truth and advance the agenda of RSS.


March 11, 2020