Condemn Turkish Bombing of PKK; Support Kobane

Support Kurdish Struggle for their national aspirations
In the backdrop of declining power of US imperialism and rising anger of the people of West Asia, turmoil in the Middle-East intensifies. To divert the people’s struggles in Arab countries and to drown upswing in people’s struggles in sectarian bloodshed, imperialism and reactionaries have lifted a huge stone which is crushing their feet. There is widespread anger in the Arab countries against US led wars of aggression and US imperialism led expropriation of their natural resources.
US imperialism is back to bombing IS targets in Iraq and Syria with Arab monarchies in tow. Islamic State controls vast swathe of land in Iraq and Syria withstanding US led bombing campaign and is posing an existential threat to the Arab monarchies, particularly Saudi monarchy, a pillar of imperialist influence in the region. IS, a conglomerate of different forces particularly Salafi Islamists, Muslim Brotherhood and Bathists, is fighting several battles, directed against western imperialist powers and their cronies but also against minorities in the region.
This turmoil has given an opportunity to the long suppressed Kurdish nationality inhabiting several countries of the region. In Iraq, Kurdish autonomous region has resisted onslaught of IS. In Sinjar mountain while US trained Iraqi Army had abandoned them without even giving weapons to them for self-defence, it was PKK and its supporters in Syria and Iraq who had defended them. In Syria, Kurdish forces had established their own administration in north eastern Syria during civil war raging in that country. It is led by YPD and its forces YPG which has links with PKK (Workers Party of Kurdistan) which has been waging an armed struggle in Turkey for Kurdish national aspirations (Ceasefire for last year and a half) and has been the most consistent and determined fighter for this aim. They are now resisting advance of IS forces in their area. Kobane has become a symbol of Kurdish resistance. PKK, YPG are the main force of this resistance which has unleashed the fighting spirit of the Kurd men and women and despite being ill-equipped have withstood IS onslaught. Kobane deserves support of all justice loving people. Whatever may happen on this front as odds are heavy against Kurdish fighters with Turkey ranged against them, their war has resonated throughout the region and has enthused Kurds everywhere. It is their just struggle to which progressive forces of all countries are lending support.
Biggest obstacle to and biggest enemy of realization of national aspirations of Kurds is Turkey where largest number of Kurds live. Turkey has been in the front line of armed rebellion against Assad regime in Syria and has been the main conduit of arms, fighters and supplies to Anti-Assad forces there and has not joined the US led war against IS. It is viewing the development in the region from anti-Kurd prism and is going all out to crush Kurds both in Turkey as well as in Syria. They are not letting Kurd fighters to go to Kobane which is on the border with Turkey and are not allowing civilians from Kobane to enter Turkey. It is not that they are against US imperialism, their main imperialist backer, but they are more against national democratic aspiration and struggle of Kurds.
Not content with playing their surreptitious game against Syrian Kurds, Turkey has torn away cease fire agreement with PKK and has bombed PKK positions in South Eastern Turkey on October 13, 2014. They wish to inflict maximum damage on Kurd fighters. When Kurds in Turkey protested to be allowed to defend their Kurd brothren, Turkish police killed 22 Kurd protesters in police firing. Turkish rulers, who had abandoned their avowed “zero problem with neighbours” policy in favour of carving out a larger of influence in Arab land, are now facing the grave internal strife with script gone awry for them and their imperialist patrons. Turkish Presiden Erdogan, who fancies himself a sort of New Ottoman, has unleashed this war on Kurds.
As for IS, as we had observed earlier, intensifying contradictions and growing conflicts in West Asia would intensify the contradictions within IS and would in turn be influenced by this development. If IS turns against imperialists and their lackeys, the Gulf monarchies, they would be dealing a big blow to imperialism, particularly US imperialism, but if they turn against minorities, including Kurds, they would be only playing into the hands of imperialists and reactionaries in the region.
And in Middle-East, Israel continues its genocidal policy against Palestinians, further grabbing their land. This most justified and longstanding struggle of Arab people, particularly Palestinians against Zionists, needs urgent support and solidarity.
US Imperialism, Stop Bombing Iraq and Syria!
Turkish rulers, Stop Bombing PKK!
Support Kurdish Struggle, Support Kobane!
Intensify Struggle against US imperialism, Arab reactionaries and Zionists!