Homage to Com. Chalasani Prasad

Revolutionary poet, writer and erstwhile Secretary of Revolutionary Writers Association (VIRASAM), Com.  passed away on July 25th 2015 morning at his house in Vishakhapatnam. He was 84 years old.

Chalasani Prsad was born in Bathapenumaru village of Kuchipudi mandal of Krishna district. His family had a long history of participation in the revolutionary movement from days of Telengana Armed Struggle (1946-51). One of his brothers, Chalasani Vasudevarao was martyred in the Telengana Armed Struggle.

Com. Chalasani Prasad was a lecturer in AVN College at Vishakhapatnam. He was inspired by Naxalbari and Sirkakulam armed peasant struggles. He was very close to Mahakavi Sri Sri. He was the key person in Sri Sri celebration and in the release of a pamphlet “Writers, Artists, Where are You? Whom do you support? Are you with the common people or the ruling classes?” He played a great role in establishing Revolutionary Writers’ Association. From there Com. Chalasani campaigned for the politics of Armed Struggle of Naxalbari and Srikakulam.

He was imprisoned several times including during Emergency. He hailed all people’s struggles including our struggles in Vishakha. Where-ever fake encounter killings took place, he went and exposed the brutalities of the Govt. Com. Chalasani also stood with people and people’s struggles as a revolutionary poet.

CPI(ML)-New Democracy pays its homage to this notable contributor to revolutionary cultural movement, Com. Chalasani Prasad.

Andhra Pradesh Provincial Committee,

CPI(ML)-New Democracy

July 25, 2015