Industrial Strike in Delhi on July 20, 2018

Workers in several industrial area of Delhi struck work and took part in meetings and marches as part of one day industrial strike in Delhi called by various unions and supported by the IFTU.

In Mayapuri, IFTU led a march of industrial workers of Mayapuri and Naraina from Mayapuri Phase II. In Okhla IFTU led the march which made its way from Okhla phase II to Phase I. In all these areas meetings were held. Gate meetings were held by IFTU in Hyderpur Industrial Area. Com. Rajesh (Gen. Secy) addressed a meeting in Mayapuri and Com. Animesh (President) in Okhla. In Okhla 80% of the factories were closed and despite rains workers marched ahead.In Mayapuri, the major part of the area was closed by the workers.

IFTU calls for further intensifying the struggle.

Both Modi government at the Centre and Kejriwal Govt. At Delhi are blaming each other of nepotism and corruption, but none of them had taken any initiative to solve the burning issues of the 15 lakh workers of Delhi. They are as follows: –

  1. Immediate implementation of minimum wage and dearness allowance.
  2. Number of labour inspectors should be increased in district labour offices and factory inspectors should be asked to function from industrial areas.

iii. Section 304 should be slapped on the owners in industrial accident and factory inspectors of Delhi Labour Dept. should be held responsible.

  1. Registration of building and construction workers should be started immediately, scholarship meant for their children for the year 2017-18 should be released and medical, maternity, accidental and marriage benefits, given through DBOCWWB should be settled.

IFTU will carry forward the struggle of the industrial workers of Delhi against Delhi govt.- employer nexus.

Dr. Animesh Das

President, Delhi IFTU