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Leader of Resistance Movement Com. Gopi’s Arrest Condemned

A senior leader of the resistance movement of the Godavari Valley, Com. Gopi (Dhanasari Sammaiah) was arrested by police from Mahabubabad on November 30th 2017. Gopi had gone on 29th November night to a house where his wife was staying. The house was encircled by a big contingent of the police.

Having come to know of the police encirclement from a comrade, Com. Gopi went away from the house. However, police went and searched and in the search of the house, police got some belongings of Com. Gopi. Police arrested wife and son of Com. Gopi. Police which had surrounded the place in large numbers, followed Com. Gopi and was able to arrest him at around 6 PM.

Arrest of Com. Gopi is part of the offensive of TRS Govt. of Telengana against struggle of tribals and against revolutionary movement. It is part of the offensive of the state govt. to take away tribal lands and suppress their struggles for better life. TRS Govt. has been targeting leaders of CPI(ML)-New Democracy. CPI(ML)-New Democracy has been leading the struggle of the tribals and non-tribal poor living in forests for several decades. Com. Gopi has been a leading organizer of the resistance movement of these areas.

Arrest of Com. Gopi angered the revolutionary people and cadres. Demonstrations were held on 30.11.2017 at Mahabubabad, Bayyaram, Garla, Gundala and Maddivancha condemning the police raid on the house and arrest of Com. Gopi. Demonstrators demanded his release.

Police also raided the house of Com. Pullanna in the mid night of 30.11.2017 and broken the doors. Police also encircled the Gurmilla village, searched all the houses and threatened the people with dire consequences.

Protest demonstrations and processions were also held on December 1st 2017 at Mahabubabad, Narsampet, Illendu and Guduru demanding the release of Com. Gopi. Rasta Roko was held at Korivi, the Mandal Head Quarters, where Gopi was kept in police station.

Com. Gopi is a senior leader of the movement in strategic area and working in the self defense squads since last 30 years and hailed from Koya tribe. He is working for the cause of the people, particularly the tribals. Now, he is the secretary of the Mahabubabad district and a member of the Regional and Provincial Committees.

Central Committee of CPI(ML)-New Democracy strongly condemns the offensive by the TRS Govt. against the revolutionary movement, CPI(ML)-New Democracy and the struggle of tribals and other forest people. TRS Govt. is increasingly displaying its anti-people character and is targeting our Party in order to suppress the struggles of the people. TRS Govt.’s attacks will neither be able to dampen nor stop the revolutionary people from intensifying their struggles against exploitation, oppression and suppression, and for new democratic revolution.

Central Committee,

CPI(ML)-New Democracy

December 1, 2017