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Murderers of Pehlu Khan must not be allowed to escape Justice

CID-CB of Rajasthan has exonerated the six accused of the murder of dairy owner of Haryana, Pehlu Khan and injuring his relatives. Acting under the pressure of RSS-BJP Govt. of Rajasthan, Rajasthan police has taken this unprecedented step of removing their names from the FIR though these six were named in the dying declaration of Pehlu Khan and in the account of eye-witnesses who were also targeted in the attack. This shows that RSS and its affiliates will go to any extent to protect the culprits of these murders, the cow vigilante groups.

CID-CB is allegedly relying on the statements of employees of Rath Gaushala, situated nearly 4 km from the site of the attack, to exonerate the accused. This is hardly the type of evidence which can counter the dying declaration and eye-witness accounts and that too at the stage of investigation. This is a brazen subversion of justice and shows how far the police and administrative machinery has been infiltrated and subverted by the Hindutva forces.

The incident clearly shows that the state Govt. and the police & administrative machinery will ensure that accused are not even tried let alone be convicted. It also shows that the attacks by these “Gau Rakshaks” are neither spontaneous reactions nor being indulged in by isolated bands but are part of a well orchestrated conspiracy by the Hindutva forces led by RSS currently ruling in the country and in many states. While leaders of BJP talk of “rule of law” they and other affiliates of RSS are unleashing a reign of terror in the name of protection of cows. While their activities are playing havoc with the lives of peasant masses and dairy farmers, they are bent on pursuing this agenda to deepen communal division and also to suppress the Dalits and other oppressed castes.

The action of CID-CB of Rajasthan at the behest of Rajasthan Govt. must be opposed. CPI(ML)-New Democracy appeals to all progressive, democratic and revolutionary forces, to all peace loving and justice loving organizations and individuals to build a strong and broad campaign against this mockery of legal procedures and to secure justice to Pehlu Khan must be conducted as a part of the campaign against conspiracies of RSS led Hindutva forces.