New Democracy, March 2014


  • CPI(ML)-New Democracy Call to The People for Loksabha Elections
  • Muzaffarnagar: Communal Onslaught on Minorities exposes Opportunism of Revisionist Parties and so called Secular Forces
  • 13 March: IFTU holds All India Rally of Construction Workers
  • Corporate, big Media and Modi wave
  • Two Genocides, Two Culprits, No Closure
  • CPI(ML)-New Democracy Organizes Massive Podu Garjana in Khammam
  • It is not only Crimea, it is Ukraine
  • Middle-East: Growing Conflicts, Smouldering People’s Anger
  • Formation of Telangana : Victorious Culmination of a People’s Struggle and Tasks Ahead
  • Allahabad: Thousands Demand Land Rights
  • Resignation of AAP Govt. & After

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